Repentance? 10 Seconds To Freedom.

To me,
I can repent of ALL MY SINS in 10 seconds?
can I?
i have the desire, there are sins i probably am not aware of,
but if i want and
i confess,
then God WILL forgive me IN JESUS NAME.
I don't have to WORK the confession with tears and back whipping, i can fake tears and whipping is easy.
I get confused with confession, sanctification and repentance.
Repentance is the act of turning, not the act of succeeding....i think.
Repentance is a 10 second okay I've fallen down now time to get up and go again,
100 times, a thousand times AND requesting the HELP of the HELPER,
The Holy Spirit is here to help you succeed in repenting. TRUE OR FALSE?
knowing you are FORGIVEN from this SECOND,
because GUILT is a bondage that keeps you in slavery to sin.
But i need to FEEL guilty. Do you?
No you need to get in tune with the Holy Spirit to get on top of your sin and break its control of you.
When i have a sin that controls me i give it to God,
you made me and i want to repent, so do a work in me and set me free.
works for me.
Wow... I sure wish it was that easy for me....

My experience is that if you haven't hit rock bottom and realized you are totally wretched and have no ability to repent - you don't get any repentance.... You are just relying on your own will and your own power....

Your own will and your own power won't set you free....

True repentance comes from God.... God himself grants it... and it DOES truly set you free.... It's an amazing feeling when you are finally FREE.....

That doesn't mean temptation doesn't happen... It means that the SIN no longer has power over you....