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Replies to Survival Tips Thread


Just wanted you to know someone read your post. I really love your honesty and humor! No, really!:D


P.S. I love this forum!:heart::heart:


Thanks.... I read it as well and really appreciate you putting it all in black and white for all to read as I have been on another Christian forum where personal attacks and arguements are out of hand and that is why I left as don't believe Christians should act in that mannor. It was very discouraging.
Thanks for this post. I recently left a "Christian" forum where the admins turned the forum into an 'agenda army' and went after those who disagreed with them and their 'agendas'.

Worse was when the disagreer out-Biblically exegized them and knowing they lost, took the 'low-blow' recourse of "kicking them off" in the name of 'sowing discord' and then deleting the thread to keep themselves from looking stupid.
What a cool post.

Yes, I read this post; every funny/serious word.

I find it refreshingly amusing, light-hearted and funny
yet still serious enough to get the point across without beating people up.


– AND –


:D :D :D
moderation at last.

i was at a site called and there is hardly any moderation at all. all these atheists can bash christians, but when we try to show them GOD'S word, we get threatened. i was threatened twice by the moderator for throwing BIBLE versus at them. but they were allowed to call me bad words, go figure. thanks to the moderator here, may i live up to your standards. GOD IS MY LEADER AND HE LEAD ME HERE.:dance:

I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air that is.

I appreciate your honesty, and especially your attention to detail.

It looks as if I am not alone in stumbling into forums that are less that welcoming to Christian perspectives.

Thank you in advance for fair moderation, I have read the rules, and I am really looking forward to sharing and growing in faith with one another. :amen:


That is an awesome word for each of us Banarenth- thank you so much- brother Larry


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Thank you everyone for your support and acknowledgment. Hopefully, others will read and follow your leads in applying these tenants to their lives.
I read every word. Very nice said. Its a mix of humor and seriousness ,hehe I like it. The rules are here not to bind is but to make a living a little easier. Thanks Banarenth. God Bless.
We are here to support each other.

I think encouraging and supporting each other is so important in these difficult times. Debating doctrinal interpretations can be a dark and dangerous dead end street. No one has all the answers, certainly not me, I'm wrong several times a day.
I agree 100% with the rules. I enjoy discussions and often find myself learning far more than I am giving. Thank you for a respectful forum for Christian fellowship.
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