Resources For Christians

When I decided to re-read the bible I realized that I needed good resources. Since I'm not an expert I cannot simply just say things without citing them. That's actually bad to do even if you do have a P.h.d. The following are all books that I find extremely helpful and that I approve of. Also feel free to add any other books or websites that may be helpful.


Oxford annotated bible with apocrypha: NRSV. (grade A-) Since this book is from Oxford I gave it an immediate A+. The annotations are great and explain a lot of historical context. The reason why I took off ten points was because some of these translations are very iffy and pose theological problems. Genesis 1.1 seems to suggest creation from an already existing universe in NRSV. The annotations even support this new translation and suggest that creation ex nihilo is not even discussed until much later. Another outrage is that it suggests that the other translation(original Lxx translation) does not support creation ex nihilo. I do respect their exegesis, but I do not agree with it. Overall the translations aren't that bad and I do find the version to be informative.

Oxford History of the Biblical world. (grade A) The book is extremely reliable and it goes over so many details. It even discusses other political, historical, archaeology, dates, etc. This book is basically everything you need to do some serious biblical research. I only gave it an A because somethings are not explained as well as they could be. Such as women in the bible, but even in these areas the book still provides so much information.

Websites (grade A+)
This is by far the greatest apologetics website I have seen so far. He covers many of the popular idiotic ideas on the internet and YouTube. His YouTube channel is Tektontv and it is basically a crusade against the atheists on YouTube. Warning most of the material goes over some graphic topics and he also has to deal with YT atheists so it gets even more graphic. He also has a blog which does contain some good information. (grade B+)

One of the most technical websites I have ever seen. Glen Miller goes very in depth on issues like the war with canaan and slavery. He is a must read for any christian or christian apologist. He tackles the problems head on and leaves little question. I have to give him a B+ because he is currently overwhelmed by thousands of emails.(most are spam from angry viewers) Another problem that I have are his sources. They are reliable, but some are very old. Overall it's a pretty good website. (grade A)

Must see website for any evolutionary creationists and anyone interested in science. enough said

Must see for any Old earth creationist. Actually must see for anyone that has questions about astronomy.

Well that's all folks.