Respect for Authority


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I just wanted to address this really briefly because we have had a continuing trend with new members who absolutely refuse to show respect for anyone. There have been several, and it always manages to surprise me when they literally refuse to acknowledge the authority of the moderators on this site. Our authority is part of the agreement that every person checks off when they join this site, so when they question our right to moderate, they are literally telling us that they don't "really" agree with our rules here.

It's further disturbing to me that they try to use Scripture to back up their claims. Such as "The Pharisees were a problem for Jesus", or "You are sinners so I don't have to listen to you", or "I only recognize the Scripture as authority", or "Only God has authority". If this is how you feel, please tell me now so we can just ban you and get it over with before you cause any more problems for other members.

First, Jesus recognized the Earthly authority. He submitted to it. He didn't fight the Pharisees when they arrested Him. He didn't call Angels down to free Him form His trial. He didn't even prove the Pharisees wrong after they arrested Him. He then submitted Himself to the Romans. Jesus understood that He was setting an example, and He was obedient to the Father. Even unto death. Not only in the big things, but in the small details. What was Jesus' stance on taxes? He paid them!! So, Jesus did not place Himself over the law, so how can we possibly make ourselves exempt?

Second, If you are on this site, you have agreed to a very basic Statement of Faith. For the purposes of this site, that means that everyone here is proclaimed to be a Christian. That is certainly different than "real" Salvation, but on this site, it means we consider you a Christian. To blatantly call everyone who doesn't agree with your stupid agenda "sinners" or "unsaved" or "Satan" is just plain rude and completely uncalled for. What are you even trying to accomplish with this? People who constantly pull out this card are the same type of people that call their spouses horrible names or hit them just to "win" an argument. How can anyone think this is appropriate? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Third, I understand that there is a lot of false teaching out there and many only want to recognize Scripture as the authority. However, you did agree upon entry to this site that you would follow our rules, so by definition you have agreed to our authority ON THIS SITE. That doesn't mean you have to conform to any doctrines any of us believe, and just because we warn you about posting rude or offensive comments doesn't mean that we are trying to silence you "because we disagree with the Bible or God or the Pixie you keep in your closet". I've dumped more topics that I agreed with theologically that were so rudely presented than anything that I disagreed with. As a matter of fact, let me give you a hint, if I disagree with a topic, I submit it to the staff for discussion and let one of them decide so there is no bias.

Fourth, God is the ultimate Authority. That doesn't mean that you are not accountable for your actions, and that there are no other authorities in this world. When you start spouting hatred and wild accusations, don't be surprised if nobody believes that you have coffee and donuts with God every morning for breakfast. If you were, I promise that He would teach you how to love, not hate.

Sadly, these are all very, very basic concepts. I would think that if you call yourself a Christian that you should already recognize these and they should be obvious statements. Just the title "Friendly Christian Community" spells out every one of these points, and most people should be able to understand that based on that phrase alone, but apparently it still needs to be spelled out further. We do our best to moderate lightly, and that sometimes causes more problems than it should but we want to give everyone as much freedom as possible here. But when people start using their freedom to take away from others, then we have to play cop. Most posters understand that. Most posters try to be polite. I want to thank each and every one of those posters who help maintain a friendly environment.
I agree. Maybe this experience I had will help all. Jeus did respect authority, so did Paul and Peter and they exorted us to do the same.
Many years ago, when I was jus a new convert, saved from a sikh family background, I decided to pray for all my family to get saved.
Ofcourse I prayed and stood in faith and was a good witness, walking in the love of God, demonstrating the healing power of the Lord in my life and living a life of miraculous minifestations of the spirit of God.
My mum was the first one to get saved.
Then I noticed that my mum was watching too much soap operas and was adicted to them to the point there would be arguments in the family on who will watch what. I took this oportunity to "corect" my mum and bible bashed her to the point she cried.
That night in prayer the Lord Jesus came and stood in my room and comanded me to go and ask for forgiveness.
Then later the Lord led me to these scriptures:

Act 20:31
Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.
The Lord told me unless you can spend time in the prayer closet to pray for people in tears before you corect them you do not love them enough to corect them and pride is involved.
From that day I'am carefull on my motivation behind any corection.


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You have my permission. We are all part of the Kingdom.
At the moment I am no longer moderating anywhere but it is amazing the disrespect for authority today. I have even been permanently removed from one forum because I mentioned the life of Jesus and the respect He had for the authority of the ruling factions when trying to calm one decenter during his tirade against another moderator. It's tough out when a moderator, seeking a peaceful solution is banned by the Admin. But you are doing God's work and I commend you for it.
Without love there can never be respect for authority. If we are all Christians and sanctified by the blood of Jesus, then love is paramount in our daily activities and relationship with one another.
Banarenth, very well put. i have just left another "Christian" forum to move here because of the hateful nature of some of the members there. They were the typical keyboard warrior type who bullied, belittled and mocked any opinion that didn't fit with their own and even resorted to name calling and thinly disguised racism. The mods there seemed to either not care, or sided with these cyber thugs. I'm so very happy to find this thread early on in my time here and hope I will be here for the long haul until He decides it's time.
Blessings in Christ to all.