Respect - What Do You Think?

Respect - What Do You Think?

I believe respect is a two way street, therefore we must give respect to get respect. I believe we should give people the benefit of the doubt; especially if we don’t know all the facts in a situation. We should not pass judgment or make assumptions, because making assumptions without knowing the whole story usually leads to false assumptions. And, false assumptions usually leads to more offense and more hurt feelings.

I believe (especially as Christians) that we should be open and honest about offenses; with unconditional love and respect, not judgment.

It takes the whole team working together to accomplish a positive outcome, but I believe everything starts at the head and flows down to the body.

I believe this forum has proven to me to be very respectful, and the head seems to be screwed on pretty straight.

So far, I have received nothing but love, acceptance, compassion and understanding; regardless of my beliefs.

No one here has ever tried to pressure me into believing a certain way or thinking a certain way or responding a certain way.
I haven’t even felt pressure to participate or answer questions if I don’t want to.

Thank you all so very much for just letting me be me.

Thank you from the bottom of my

I think you are right about passing judgement and loving unconditionally~
Assumptions are always a bad thing.
I also think you are such a blessing!

INHISLOVE........ That is so beautiful and is my sentiments as well. This is truely a wonderful site . I love you all. I have felt so comfortable here. God Bless each and every one.

Thank you that you are so openhearted!

I :heart: this forum and all of you so much too!!!
Let God's Grace be with all of you!:pray:
I wonder how I have lost myself being busy incorrectly, for am I not a living human? Still I mention this in good sense for a solidified demand, that I wish to be rightfully encouraged always. Yet it is not so critical of me to mention this of myself, for I can make way for actualizing certainest because I care to improve and be of no offense. To be of no offense at heart, that knowingly it is much better and formidable to relate to good than of bad, to dedicate like God expects me to dedicate is utterly sufficient. At heart to have decent and formidable upkeep to earnest demands without the matter of woe in our fate we create, knowing left from left, and right from right, we the people of faith motivated by what is evidently good, the more we are of this, the more devoted we are in our prosperous rights. Amen.
jesse you are losing yourself,good is good wrong is wrong .if somebody robs you what they did was wrong.tell people when there wrong or how can they change.:read-bible: