Responsibility Advice



Responsibility Advice

I need to learn more about how I'm to give my life to God. I'm 19, living at home with mom and the two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. The two older sisters are moved out, and so is dad. The divorce is in progress, but for an unknown reason, the lawyers haven't been getting anywhere with it for a very very very very long time.

I work part time, and next year (This Sept.) I'll be going back to finish the last few courses of high school. I pay one bill. I'm not making much money right now, but it's mostly going towards my hobbies, so I want to offer to take up another bill.

I'm going to look in the bible and find some teachings on it, but any advice on what my responsibilities are, and how I should give myself for my family, and how I might go above and beyond even?

Basically, does it go God, Family, Church? I make myself surrendered to God, make sure I'm given to my family and taking care of those responsibilities first and foremost, and then giving myself to the church? Where does work come in? After church? (That's never a problem though, I have every Sunday off)
Well I am 19 as well. I am home bound so I can not attend church sadly. God is always number one. In front of everything, even family and relationships. Don't forget that. Personally, how I view it, put God first and all else falls into place. Don't worry about having everything in perfect order. Just do your best. Try going to church every weekend morning or afternoon. Not sure how your hours at work are, but make time for church and to read the Word. Which you could just read before bed. Giving yourself to God really helps everything else fall into place. I know I said that before, but I don't know if you know that. And if you are uncertain of some things, pray. Ask for God to help you.
Helping support your family is giving to God ;) To a lesser extent so is giving to others "in need" whether through the church or not. It is a matter of setting priorities based on need.
My priorities vary from yours as giving to the institutional church is not that high on my list of priorities.

Another thing is that not all giving should be monitary. Give of your time compasion, love, patience, effort, labor, honor, obediance, respect, sincerity. The little things often mean more than money when a family is struggling. families often struggle with money but with along with money issues come other issues that are often more important. Make it easier on your mother. Don't contribue to her stress, help around the house and with your younger siblings. Give her a hug now and then, encouragment praise and thanks. The little things mean a lot at the end of a long or bad day.

Help save money by taking care of what you have, making do with less and not being wasteful.

Praying is good ,praying for your parents and family is better and praying with your family is best.

No harm ever come from opening a bible more and listing to the radio, Ipod, CD player, watching the TV or being on the computer less.

True giving often involves sacrifice, not just of money but of time personal wants and needs and self for the benifit of others with no expectation of return or reward.

In the end three things remain
Faith, hope and love
The greatest of these is love

Blessings to you
and yours