In 2002 I was in my early fifties and had no health problems except some
allergies to pollen. Then one day I collapsed to the floor and my last thought
was that I was dying and I was very nearly right. Later I was told that I
had a arteriovenous-malformation, an AVM. Similar to an aneurysm.
I had an 8 hour opertion to save my
life, but afterwards they told my wife that I would soon die or be brain dead, but she
still asked whole churches to pray for me.

I slowly improved and was sent home after two months, and months later I got my job back, and later
got my driver's license back. After 5 years I got back to normal for me!

I wish to thank the
Protestants and Catholics who prayed for me and thank Jesus Christ for the healing.

If you need a healing, ask the wonderful Lord!
Our son had a huge intracranial bleed (read: stroke) at 19 due to an AVM in his brain. (they can be anywhere in the body, but like yours, his was in his brain.) Docs said his left side would be permanently paralyzed, and that he was lucky since the bleed was millimeters from the "logic and reasoning" section of his frontal lobe.
He's 24 now, and other than being late to finish college, and a small inability to fully shrug his shoulders, he's fine.He can even drum again! His neurologist and neurosurgeon both said, "Well, we don't like to use the word 'miracle', but...". They might not like to use that word, but we do!

I think the Lord enjoys confounding the wisdom of "the wise". :) I praise Him for your healing, and thank you for your testimony! It's good to remember the Lord is more powerful than any doc's prognosis. And kudos to you for your perseverance. :)
Thank you, Abba's child. May God continue to bless your son and I know he will!
I like what your son's neurologist said about the miracle.
My rehab teacher said later that she did not know if they could help someone
so far gone as myself...but if it is in God's will and we have some small amount of faith
then even miracles can happen!