Return to Me

Even though we, as believers in Jesus Christ, are underneath the New Covenant relationship between God and his people – his church – it is still possible for us to sin, and for us to wander away from our pure devotion to Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Savior, and for us to have need to return to our Lord in faithfulness and in obedience, and in surrender to his will (See Rev. 2-3). Yet, even if we are faithless, God remains faithful to all his promises. Yet, we must be reminded that included in those promises is that he will bring divine correction and discipline upon those he loves, so we should be earnest and repent. If we humble ourselves before God in repentance and in choosing to follow his ways once again, he will renew, revive and he will restore us. And, that is hope! And, we can count on it!

There is also encouragement here for those who have labored in love in praying for the wayward church, in witnessing, speaking the truth in love, teaching God’s truths, loving with his love, and in preaching the full gospel message. Our labor of love will be rewarded, for God will discipline his wayward people, and through divine discipline they will return to the Lord Jesus and he will restore them. Amen! This is a promise of revival! I rejoice!

Return to Me / An Original Work / September 5, 2013
Based off Jeremiah 31; Cf. Rev. 2-3

I have loved you with an eternal love,
Which I give to you, in my faithfulness.

Keep your voice from weeping,
And your eyes from tearing.
You will be rewarded
With much fruitfulness.

There is hope for you that My family
Will return to Me; live in victory!

Though I discipline in My love for you,
My heart longs for you that you walk in truth.

Turn your thoughts to your Lord.
Choose to walk in His ways.
Turn from your sins daily.
Follow Jesus Christ.

Oh, how long will you wander in your sin?
Give your hearts to Me; be restored within.

I will satisfy ev’ry weary soul
Who repents of sin; is renewed within.

Behold, days are coming;
It will surely happen;
Though I discipline them,
They will thrive again.

I will be their One and their Only God.
They shall walk in white; be in Me, made right.