Review of Edward Scissorhands

Review of Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton) 1990


I never thought I would like Edward Scissorhands, but I do. Don't let the creepy scissorhands scare you, because in actuality, this movie is touching, funny, and sad. Johnny Depp was extremely convincing as Edward, the scientist's creation - a young man with scissor for hands - who is unaccustomed to the stereotypical suburban life in which Kim (Winoa Ryder) and her family live in.

As he lives in this strange new world, he is pitted against an ignorant and suspicious crowd of neighbors who gossip whenever something new arrives - small or large. He likes Kim, but she is unsure of him, until he helps her on one fateful night.

What I liked most about Edward Scissorhands was the fact that it was truthful - people are like this in real life, especially when confronted with something new or different. People are sometimes quick to accuse and point fingers at what they do not know or understand when something goes wrong.

The movie is wonderful - it brought a tear to my eye at the end. Edward is cute in an awkward and sweet way - you can see he isn't mean. Winoa Ryder is lovely as Kim, and her family is funny and well, family.

Try it. I am sure you won't be disappointed!
Hi Near, I saw this movie some time ago and I agree with you, its really warm and touching. I like it alot.
I could never get past a freaky Johnny Depp and his weird scissorhands, I couldn't watch 5 minutes of the movie. I sure it's a good movie if I could get past that.
Hey Don, do you know beauty and love is in the eye of the beholder? youve got to look futher than the tip of your nose to see it in this movie. To each his own.