Review of evangelism site appreciated

Review of evangelism site appreciated

I have a web site that I've been using rather passively (up till now) to witness to people seeking the truth about God. I deliberately designed it with myself in mind, that is, "online evangelism for dummies - 101".

I have always known that God desired that I develop a web site to glorify Him through the world (where there were no geographic boundaries) and teach people about Him. This, combined with the fact that I was not overly confident and "out there" when it came to evangelising in person, I built the site that you now see.

The aim of the whole site is to provide people with business card sized tracts, with the URL on them, to direct them to a site where they could find interesting facts all under one roof (as a sort of web portal) in an effort to seek the truth about God for themselves. There's a lot of good stuff out there on the net, so why re-invent the proverbial wheel I thought? Use the good stuff that's available, and point people to it, so they can find out a whole heap of answers to common questions (and myths) all in one place.

Anyway, not wanting to bore you any further, but the purpose of this post is to ask those of you who belong to this forum, and who are passionate about proclaiming the love and truth about God to a lost and dying world, whether you would like to help me by providing constructive suggestions on how I could improve the site's content. Don’t comment much on the look and feel of the site, this part is about to get a major redesign (at the moment admittedly it looks a bit amateurish, but this will be markedly improved with the redevelopment).

So I am after feedback such as: what you think are the best and worst aspects of the site (again, please limit your comments to the content and the relevancy of the links themselves that I am using). If you have ideas for other content that would achieve what I'm trying to, that would be even better than some of the resources I'm using, I'm all ears, I really am - please share them with me! :) And lastly, how well do you think this site achieves what it designed to do: provide people with more information leading them to a knowledge of the truth about God, and the ultimate prize: to lead unbelievers to the Lord. This is the goal - how well does this site achieve this, and how would you suggest that I do this better?

The site address is: <link removed> (please note: you HAVE TO enter the dubdubdub part or else it doesn’t come up at present)… Sorry I will make 15 posts asap so that I can post the full link here in future.......

Look forward to your feedback. You may feel free to contact me directly by email simply by using the email link in the site itself - it redirects to me personally...

Bless you for helping me to extend the Kingdom of God.

New Zealand.
Thanks for your reply Jeff, unfortunately I am going through a saga of getting the domain name transferred,a nd there was a hiccup at the old registrar's end.

I have actually renewed the domain name for another year, but these details have not been updated due to site administration issues (my old expired email address) which I hope will be resolved asap.

In the meantime then, it's probably best not to alert too many people to the URL until we've got it sorted - most frustrating! Will keep you posted though.


HI again Jeff, I have just followed your instructions and sent that link to you as requested in an earlier thread.

Thanks for your help in promoting this for us to the other members - together we can all contribute to bringing about a fantastic witnessing tool that will glorify God and help other Christians in their quest to seek out and save the lost.

Jeff, do you know where members can go to view this link "live" to review the site - I wouldn't mind knowing where myself, thanks.


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Hi coaface, sorry I couldn't reply earlier. The forums are set up in such a way that you would only be able to post a link once you cross 10 posts. Anyway I will have a look at the mail you sent me and send you a reply.