Rhinebeck,NY/Sinterklaas fest and guess list...


HEAR, HEAR! Uncle DeWitt’s Bell heralds the way.
SINTERKLAAS with his white horse.
THE HOLDERS OF THE LIGHT 2014 The Stickle Family—Leah, Matt, Gage and Maxwell
THE SEVEN SISTERS. Stars from the cosmos that look down on us from afar and allow us to look up and dream. And their Seven Little Sisters.
THE GRUMPUSES are his wild sidekicks who carry out Sinterklaas’ judgment on the children—either switches for the bad or candies for the good. But, our Grumpuses are people you know in the community who are candy men, there for joyous revels and to delight the children.
THE SNOW King & QUEEN from the celestial realm.
THE POLAR BEAR! Sing to him and watch him dance.
THE STAR CHILD who brings us the Sinterklaas Star each year.
ALL THE KING’S HORSES the Hobby Horse Brigade.
GRANDMOTHER EARTH on whom we all live. She’s the mother of us all, the Guiding Spirit of the Parade reminding us to take care of her.
THE 4 SEASONS—the moods of Grandmother Earth. We especially honor Winter this time of year.
THE ABBOTS BROMLEY HORN DANCE The most ancient Dance ever recorded. There are 12 characters representing a deer hunt. The pattern of the dance mimics the way in which a deer walks though the woods—in a figure 8 pattern—to the accompaniment of a haunting slip jig.
The CAROUSEL A child’s Toy Box writ large!
THE BLUE DOG Some things have no explanation!
ST. GEORGE and the DRAGON A cosmic play of Good and Evil.
THE CHINESE LION. For good luck.
THE PENGUINS. Visitors from the arctic.

WILD WOMEN—If you have Wild Men (The Grumpuses) you have to have Wild Women and thanks to Abby Saxon we do have a fantastic gaggle!
1911 BAKER ELECTRIC CAR— Back to the future!

MUSIC OF ALL TRADITIONS: Klezmer, Bagpipe, Dixieland, Irish, Didgeridoo, Balkan, Ukrainian, Mexican & Indonesian.
THE TURTLE. On whose back the Earth was formed.
CREATURES FROM THE FARM: The sheep, the cows, the llamas, the rams. They join their wild brothers.

Chinelos. Whirling reminders of Mexico and its Holiday Traditions.
THE POCKET LADY Our symbol of generosity
THE FLOCK OF DOVES Guardians of the Peace Dove.
THE PEACE DOVE Our wish for the world. The night ends with a wish for Peace in the world so that we will all live in community with each other, enjoying and celebrating our differences, hoping for Joy for All in this, our precious World.