Rock and God



Rock and God

I am a true metalhead. But i'm also a Christian and i believe in God. If you are wondering what kind of metal, i like:

Arch Enemy



Protest the Hero

Between the Buried and Me

and others. (I can't post URLS, so you are free to check them a Wikipedia or Youtube.)

As you can guess, there are of growling and "unpleasant noises" from most people. I love them, as i have always loved the genre and will always appreciate it. It's so energetic, it makes me stand up and jump. I love it, and i won't deny it.

Am i Satanic? I go to church every Sunday, and i have helped in my local community as a translator (I'm Mexican, but i speak English) and helping with other stuff. =)

Shaun das Schaf

Yeah. I'm not religious but it doesn't matter to me if i listen to christian bands, although i can't say i've come across many good ones. It doesn't matter what the music is about, sometimes, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying it.


The Holy Spirit bares witness with our spirit that we are saved.

You'd have to look at your lifestyle and test yourself with scripture, it's not as simple as what music you listen to.

Shaun, check out Skillet, Red, Kutless, Third Day, Toby Mac, Newsboys....

I'm not religious either, but Christ saved me and I've been getting to know Him and He's been delivering me and healing me.

The reason I don't listen to that music is because my conscience doesn't let me. To each his own.
First off, I do not believe it is an issue what “genre” of music you listen to doesn’t matter if it is Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Grunge or what have. I myself listen to rock, techo and classical music. A lot of the material I listen to does not even have any lyrics and is completely instrumental. Lyrics (or similar additions to music such as spoken word) aside I do not see an issue with any music other than ones personal taste.

Lyrics (or similar additions to music such as spoken word) do bring in a different perspective. Once an element is introduced that is more than just sound and actually conveying a specific message you may want to tread lightly.

For example: if the lyrics are “I want to hold your hand” or “I’m not super man”, though secular are not sinful.

Another example: if the lyrics are something like “kill whitey” or “kill cops” you may want to stop and look at what context the lyrics are in and what they are conveying.

If an album is secular but not sinful I think you are alright when listening to it. If an album is secular and only has one song that is inappropriate you may want to remove that song from the track listing. If all the songs on the album are inappropriate you may not want to listen to that whole album anymore.

Music can be slow and soothing and still have inappropriate lyrics. If you use appropriate discretion when choosing what music to listen to it should not matter what the music sounds like even if it is “growling and unpleasant noises for most people”. If I recorded the sounds of my washing machine and set to the beat of a pencil tapping on my desk (however “growling and unpleasant” it may sound) is not sinful or Satanic.
The issue of music is a highly contested one, especially amongst christians. We often yearn for the things that brought us 'joy' before we where saved, even if those things where only temporary.

Quite frankly many heavy metal bands are blatently satanic in their lyrics and hate Jesus.

So if we are christians, why do we want to listen to music that hates God. Have we truely surrendered our lives to Jesus or are we just playing christian?


Even though some of us would ascribe anything "Metal" as being satanic it doesn't mean that you are. Your question is one based on the condition of your heart, and none of us are able to discern whether you are or not.. This is something you'll have to answer for yourself.


it's great that you enjoy it, really, and of course it doesn't make you a satanist. thats like saying going to church makes you a christian..
anyway, it's also a great assumption that metal bands are satanists. it's ignorant to think they all are
i think its not what kind of music it is but what the lyrics are saying, for example theres a Guy called Brian Head Welch hes a very famous guitarist, and use to be the lead guitarist for the band Korn, most of the lyrics in their songs were things that God doesnt like, but now Brian Welch is a Christian and he stil makes the same kind of music but the lyrics changed alot, he now makes music about his relationship with God but the way the music sounds is the same.


My friend do not let anyone turn you away from any form of music that glorifies God. People are creatures of habit and develop traditions- anything outside those traditions seems unacceptable to them.
In the 1500's people were calling church organs the devils bagpipes. Today you could not pry them out of a traditional churches hands and that is okay. Just do not let them rain on your parade if you are worshipping God with your own music.


Priorities and perspectives

No one can serve two masters, for they will love the one and despise the other

He who has found their life will lose it, but he who loses His life for His sake will find it

Are we something first, and then also a Christian? Or when, by the grace of God, become a Christian, don't we die to self, then daily pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ? There are things we like to enjoy that the Lord hates with a holy hatred that will burn for a world to come. There is a natural wisdom of this world that is eathly and demonic, not from above. Arch Enemy is satanic and defiantly opposed to Jesus. Is Metallica born again, or serving the evil one as subjects under his control being used as his tools? How about Slayer, if they don't really belive in a devil, then why do they sing his songs for him?

Try to think about it from a spiritual point way of view way above our affections and opinions. What do you think God Almighty thinks when He sees and hears His Children filling their ears with poison in the name of entertainment. Pray for discernment, to have lies and deception far from you, pray to see the spiritual implications. Reality is but a dressed up spiritual battle field, behind the altars of man in this progressive culture are the idols that man sacrafices to in his hearts, and then offers up praises to God with his lips in vain. Be careful what or who you listen to, the devil is busy all day long suggesting things subliminally to people, to keep them in the dark and to further their career in sin and hardness of heart. It wasn't until i was born again that i actually realized what was being said in a Van Halen song, "Best of Both Worlds." So we don't have to be born again to die and go to heaven? We can have the best of both world, right here, right now? That's not what Jesus said.

Pray for discernemt and eyes that see the war we're in. "If anyone preaches another gospel let him be accursed"

Who do we worship in the fear, or what do we worship without fearing?

Do we really worship the God of the Bible, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who reigns on high, the One True God? Or do we worship a manageable god? A god of dead religion? A god of fashion? Entertainment? A god of ressurect yourself morality/crossless/Christless Christianity? Keep in mind also, half-truths presented as the whole truth, is not the truth.

God bless beloved in Christ and guard our hearts and minds in Him, may we live more and more for Him and His Holy Word and be able to say with the hymnest;

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace."
by Hel*en Lem*mel

Nothing is evil in and of itself, try some Christian metal bands, you may find some good heavy music with heavenly minded lyrics that stive to stream light into the darkness, rather than bands that use their God given talents to serve satan by spoon-shoveling lies and rebellion to the masses in their lyrics. May God grant them repentance and open their eyes.
Only One Rock gets you into heaven

I am a true metalhead. But i'm also a Christian and i believe in God. If you are wondering what kind of metal, i like:

Arch Enemy Megadeth Metallica Protest the Hero Between the Buried and Me and others. (I can't post URLS, so you are free to check them a Wikipedia or Youtube.)

As you can guess, there are of growling and "unpleasant noises" from most people. I love them, as i have always loved the genre and will always appreciate it. It's so energetic, it makes me stand up and jump. I love it, and i won't deny it.

Am i Satanic? I go to church every Sunday, and i have helped in my local community as a translator (I'm Mexican, but i speak English) and helping with other stuff. =)

God's Holy Spirit transforms a human soul when Christ enters the life and everything changes. That is not a local church doctrine but a declaration of the Bible itself. (see 2 Corinthians, chapter 5) Everything inside of us changes when we truly meet Christ.

And yet we are still people. I still drink water, eat hamburgers, wear jeans, drive a little too fast, and I like music from most every age, and from many, many cultures. My favorite music of all time is Handel's Messiah.

In my case, because of the drug culture I was into when Christ rescued me, I made a conscious choice to set aside all the music that reminds me of that whole frame of mind. Now, I can't stand to listen to it.

Other men and women of God, however, have not only continued to enjoy various forms of rock music, they have used such in their ministry. Larry Norman, is one that comes to mind. He and a great many others of that general time period (roughly my own time period in the drug culture: 60s and 70s, etc.) did some good, speaking to generations of people through a medium that the world accepts. Some of the messages were as the voice of a prophet, calling kids and adults alike to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. I thank God for every such witness.

As for whether or not you are satanic or maybe a real Christian, music is not the telling factor. Only Jesus Himself makes the difference.

If you know Jesus Christ (not merely as an idea, a historical hero or religious icon, but as your own Savior and Friend and Teacher in all of life), then you belong to God and you are a genuine Christian. On the other hand, if music and church activities and some good works are all that's going on in your life, then you should continue to listen to that concern and nagging discomfort that is using music to get your attention.

God loves you. Jesus died to save you. He knows your life, your needs, your potential future. He also knows the way into your heart. Call on Jesus, and admit that you need Him as a Savior and as the Lord of your life. If things remain confusing, then ask the Lord to help you understand what He wants from you. Find a local group of Christians who love Jesus and who will take the time to share the Scriptures with you. Allow God to make whatever changes He wants in your life. Music might be a part of that change or it may not.

The Bible (specifically the Psalms) calls God a mighty Rock of safety in times of terrible danger. Jesus is that Rock. He alone can get you into the kingdom of God as a real child of God. Pray to Him, learn about Him, follow Him, stay with Him. He is the only Rock worth living for and dying for.

I think what is most important is to remember that a message...ANY, message, that is repeatedly played or heard will result in automated reactions. That's how propaganda works.

Police, Firemen, Military, Pilots, all train to do things they would not normally do, over and over until it becomes reflex, a trained reaction.

No one "Naturally" runs into a burning building, or immediately goes into a dive when a plane stalls. Our normal reactions are to "Pull Up" or to "Stay away from fire".

If you, (Like me) enjoy a good thumping rythm, a loud electric guitar, lots of Bass... whatever.... Go 4 It!!

But remember, If you are constantly bombarding your brain with messages like...

:guitar: "I,m on ther HIIIIIIIIIGHHway to hell!!" :guitar:
:guitar: "I,m on ther HIIIIIIIIIGHHway to hell!!" :guitar:
:guitar: "I,m on ther HIIIIIIIIIGHHway to hell!!" :guitar:

Drive that into your brain enough times..... and then that too, will become your own personal, psychological reaction to the question; "Where are you going?" ;)

Remember, Music Hath great power, It hath charms..... use them wisely. :cool:
Like Ride said... It's not the melody it's the words! If you really listen to the lyrics these bands have in their songs, you will see why it's not a good thing to keep listening! There are many alternative Christian rock bands you could listen to!


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It isn't the sound of the music that is inherently satanic or holy, it's the heart or the intent. If it draws you away from what God has planned for you, avoid it, if it doesn't, then glorify God with it. Different people have different tastes.

Music is like food in this way. Some food is simply too spicy for some people, and other food is too bland for others. You like spicy music, not everyone does. But, I don't believe they have the right to say that spicy music is inherently evil or satanic. They DO try, but that doesn't make them right. Lyrics however...are important. A lot of secular music has a lot of hidden and not so hidden messages glorifying things that are against the Bible. Not just metal music. Remember all the stalker songs from the 50s? I mean, seriously, where do you draw the line? If everything but "church music" is evil, then you are going to the wrong church and for the wrong reasons.
Here's a fun example....

Kansas "Dust in the Wind"

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone
All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind, All we are is dust in the wind

Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away, all your money won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind, All we are is dust in the wind

This is one of my all time favorite songs, and Kansas is one of my favorite bands, but their music is Pagan at best, Wiccan would be more theologically accurate.
Do you see any hope of salvation in this message? Any glory of Gods creation?
Everything is dust but we refuse to see that, there is NOTHING else, it's all going to end and then....NOTHING.

Compare that "A-theism" with this classic hit single...

Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
Generals gathered in their masses; just like witches at black masses
evil minds that plot destruction; sorcerers of death's construction
in the fields the bodies burning; as the war machine keeps turning
death and hatred to mankind; poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
they only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait 'till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning; ashes where their bodies burning
No more war pigs of the power; Hand of God has sturck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling; on their knees, the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins; Satan, laughing, spreads his wings
Oh Lord Yeah

Shoot man, That's more theologically sound than most Sunday morning television preachers.
Good eschatology,
Politicians, leaders, making war, living like witches (Ungodly)

Spewing death, hatred, persecution upon the meek.

Then they will go off to hide. (Possibly in the mountains)
Then the day of final judgement arrives.
God returns, takes his rightful place as judge.
God calls home His chosen.
The rest remain with Satan.

Gives ya somethin to think about ...
Dont it. :D