ROCK THE RIVER WEST - Lets see Fraser Valley BC CLAIMED for JESUS today!!!!!!

ROCK THE RIVER WEST - Lets see Fraser Valley BC CLAIMED for JESUS today!!!!!!

Hi Family!!

Okay the big day of the Rock The River West Billy Graham Concert for youth has finally arrived! I am so excited for this opportunity!! I hope to see thousands of decisions for Christ occur at this all day event today! I am honored to be used of the Lord to lead young sheep to His salvation and grace today!! PRAISE GOD!!!

Please pray for us all day today! The concert officially starts at 2:30pm and goes until 9:30pm BUT a'course behind scenes everyone is already working and we will be working on the follow-up database to see these folks in touch with local area churches until at least 3:00 am perhaps even longer, surely how ever long it takes!! Please pray for the HOLY SPIRIT TO FILL HIS BODY!!!!

Please pray the Lord would give mercy and grace to us for the weather too!!! It is showering her right now and that is the forecast for the day BUT hey we know who RULES the clouds wind and rain! AMEN and AMEN yer excited sister Deborah
WOW, it was GREAT!!!! We had attendance I believe above 4000, we had decisions to accept Christ of at least 479 (maybe up to 525 still some to work on due bad handwriting ;) I myself, assisted 3 young folks in accepting Christ as Savior, Daniel, Hsia, and Mellissa! It was powerful and I'll never forget the tremendous joy I felt being a vessel for Him in this! A'course the dang rain made it a little soggy, but hey ya can NOT stop the Lord's purposes from accomplishment! Soggy Christians or no! Next year, sunny, and a crowd of 10.000, and ALL of'em accept Jesus! Hope ya'll be there with us too! :smiley90:
Hi folks... ok am posting a kind of a heads up in this thread about a few posts I'm gonna make in a whole new thread in jist a moment... and I wanted to let ya know so ya would have a chance to be blessed by the other posts which are going to include "video links" to some videos I took of this great event and also of Franklin Graham speaking early at a lunch... hope ya will check out the other thread and that ya enjoy the videos there, I'll also be posting videos of the MUSIC within the regular videos thread for yer enjoyment too!

and... michael - thanks fer the word of encouragement... yes I can certainly assure you dear brother, my enthusiasm for Jesus and for serving HIM, absolutely NEVER wanes a bit, it is always FULL THROTTLE and steady on... it has been for decades now & I expect shall be until the Lord Himself returns for us! :)