Sabbath 01/03/15 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon The Lost Book

Sabbath 01/03/15 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon The Lost Book II Kings 22:13

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the final authority. Jesus is the filter for interpretation of scripture. Question…do you believe that what is in the Bible is important? Do you believe the Bible helps us understand God’s will for us? Do believe the Bible contains revelations from God? How many days did you read your Bible this week? Most of us said the Bible is important so we should be able to say seven days of the week. Unfortunately, for many people the Bible is a lost book. It’s a lost book that gets dusted off and put on the living room coffee table when the preacher comes to visit.

In our text, Josiah becomes king at the age of 8 years old. He reigned 30 years but his mother was Queen mother so he didn’t really start reigning until the 18th year. Josiah was 26 yrs. old when he wanted to repair the Temple. The money to repair the Temple came from the tithes and offerings. When searching thru the Temple, they find the Book of Covenant with God. Some believe it was several parts of Deuteronomy.

Age should not be a trap. The King was young, but no one should be trapped by their age and neither should we be. We can find scripture that says the older people should teach the younger. Gender should not be a trap either. The Queen mother was the one who taught Josiah how to be King like his father. She was a female. Josiah turned to Huldah, the prophetess, when the book was found. He asked her what they should do about the book and she was a female too. We also must not fall into the trap of vocation, what your job is. In our text we have a King, prophetess and stewards. All of these people had a part to play when the book was found. No one was left out because of the job they did. Each person in this community, despite their vocation or their job, had to deal with the lost book.

The first thing the King did was to have the book read out loud to him. Then he took the book seriously and rent his clothes. The King said if we don’t do what is in the book, God will judge us! The book of the covenant was to be taken seriously. If the Bible is a lost book to us, how are we to respond to it? We are called to take the Bible seriously, read it and study it. Use it as a final authority in faith and practice. We all just said we believe it is important. So dust it off, put it on your coffee table and read it! Josiah was a good King because he found the lost book and shared it with others in his community. He took it seriously. We should also take the Bible seriously!