Sabbath 01/31/15 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon The Bible Purpose and Responsibility

Sabbath 01/31/15 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon The Bible Purpose and Responsibility II Timothy 3:13-17

Do you believe the Bible is a guide to the will of God? Most of you say you do. The purpose of the Bible is in this scripture text. As we begin, we must look at the real world: people are either Evil or Imposters. In this scripture, the translated word for imposter comes from the word “wailers”. Wailers were people hired and paid to cry at your funeral. The more wailers you had, the more important and wealthy you were before you died. The wailers didn’t know you! They were just there to make the money!

The scripture says that these two types of people, Evil and Imposters, will get worse and worse. The King James Version Bible says “wax worse and worse”. They will deceive people to get them to believe the Big Lie. They that deceive others will eventually deceive themselves and believe the Big Lie too. Some Christians have gotten to be this way as well. They are sooo…Holy in public, singing and praising the Lord in church. But…when they are alone or at home, they are totally different. They deceive others and deceive themselves into thinking that their fake Christianity is good.

In verse 14, it says we are to continue in what we have learned about God and Jesus. We need to be careful of whom we listen to or where we get our learning from. Timothy learned from the apostle Paul, his mother and his grandmother. They were people of integrity and honesty. We need to remember this, whether we listen to TV preachers or pulpit preachers. The responsibility to teach Christianity begins at home in the family when children are infants. The goal is to bring them to Christ Jesus.

Purpose of the Bible: Every scripture is God Breathed. If it is not God Breathed then it is not scripture. If it is scripture, then it is God Breathed.
  1. The Bible scripture is profitable for Teaching. Don’t get teaching and doctrine that is apart from scripture.
  2. The Bible scripture is profitable for Reproof. This is because we may be doing something wrong. We go to scripture and see ohhhh….we are doing something wrong.
  3. The Bible scripture is profitable for Correction so that we as a ship, move in the right direction. The scriptures are not only there to say you are a bad boy or bad girl, but to say here is the way to go.
  4. The Bible scripture is profitable for Training in Righteousness. This training involves work, sweat and decision making.
In verse 17 it says that scripture is given so that the man of God is complete and able to do every good work. This is the Bible’s Purpose. We need to thank God for His Word and learn to live in His Word.
If someone wanted to destroy "society" they would have to destroy the family unit, where truth is first learned from. Our mothers, and Father are responsible before God to teach their children so when they become older, they will not turn from it. The family unit is under attack today from powers of darkness in its attempt to stop God's truth from being proclaimed to its newest members, our children.