Sabbath 1/9/16 Daytona SDB church Pastor Wray sermon “Similarities in the Birth, Sacrifice, Return o

Sabbath 1/9/16 Daytona SDB church Pastor Wray sermon “Similarities in the Birth, Sacrifice, Return of Jesus” Luke 2:4-7, John 19:38-40

At Jesus’ birth, He was wrapped in swaddling clothes and put in a manger. At Jesus’ death, He was wrapped in linen cloth and placed in a tomb.

The Similarities=Birth & Death of Jesus:

  1. Angels were Involved:

    Angels were involved in making birth announcements in person and in dreams to Joseph and to the wise men. At the tomb, the two Mary’s saw angels telling them that Jesus was risen. The angels told them to not be afraid after the earthquake happened. They said go and tell the disciples that Jesus was risen. The angels are always pointing to Jesus. Our laser-like focus should always be on Jesus! Having a laser-like focus on Jesus will make us hit the target.

  2. The Lord Controlling Nature-Stars & Earthquakes:

    The stars stood over the manger when Jesus was born. The stars never stand still but at Jesus’ birth, the stars stood still. A star also led the wise men to Jesus. The wise men followed this star that led them to Jesus. The star moved and pointed out where Jesus was. There was darkness and an earthquake at Jesus’s death and resurrection. The darkness came while Jesus was dying on the cross and it lasted for three hours. God did it and made it real darkness, not just a cloud covering the sun and moon. Then there was the earthquake that came at the death of Jesus.

  3. Jesus Placed into Someone’s Hands:

    At the birth of Jesus, He was placed into the hands of Mary and Joseph. At His death, Jesus’ spirit went back into the hands of God his Father. His body went into the hands of his disciples and Joseph of Arimathaea.
What’s important is who we are focused on at Christmas and Easter. God needs to be our focus because He is the one who sent his son Jesus to die for us. We need to also focus on the fact that Jesus is coming back. He is returning back to get us for sure!

Revelations 19:11-18 Jesus is on a white horse with many crowns on His head and He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood. Jesus is the Word of God. Jesus will come back to judge the earth. All who are waiting for his return are and will be saved.

Matthew 16:17 Jesus’s return will have Him coming in the glory of His father with his angels. He will reward the people, each one according to what they have done. Jesus comes with ALL POWER. Before Jesus’ return, there are earthly signs: earthquakes, famines, wars, sun & moon darkened and becoming red like blood. Nations will rise against nations, fearful events will happen and there will be signs in the moon and stars. All these things will happen right before Jesus’ return. People will be fainting and fearful of these earthly events.

We Christians need to STAY focused on God and Jesus. We need to NOT be distracted from Jesus. His work of salvation is the focus. Jesus was tortured and crucified then raised from the dead! Jesus is alive and coming back! We need to stay focused on Jesus and his work of salvation.

The day will come when we meet Jesus. When this happens, the important thing is that we know Jesus as our Savior. Did we love Him with all our heart, mind and soul? Did we stay focused on Jesus? Did we obey his commandments? Did we seek to live a holy life for Jesus? We need to keep this in mind as we live in this new year of 2016. We need Jesus to guide us individually and to strengthen us as we follow his leading. Jesus will lead us and guide us in this new year of 2016. We want our lives to be conformed into the image of Jesus.