Sabbath 10/7/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor John sermon “Is Jesus Your Savior and Your Lord

Sabbath 10/7/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor John sermon “Is Jesus Your Savior and Your Lord?” Colossians 2:6-10

If you can’t bear the cross then you can’t wear the crown. There is a newness of life when we accept Jesus. We get an upward lift from Jesus once we are saved. We need to see the difference between spiritual values and the worldly values that make people special in our eyes. The News today can make us upset with all the secular stuff. It is garbage in and garbage out. We have to control what we listen to and what we watch. It takes a conscious effort to replace negative thinking with positive thinking.

We must understand that the Lord wants us to think and act positively. Let the mind in Christ Jesus be the same mind in us. We need to focus on thinking good thoughts and don’t get caught up in the garbage of the world! Sort out the garbage in the News and concentrate on the good things. We need to look to Jesus as our yard stick that we measure everything else around us- what we see and hear. We need to NOT take our eyes off Jesus cause then we will sink into the water like Peter did when he was walking on the water.

Jesus will guide us as long as we keep our eyes on Him to follow Him. Jesus will NEVER change! Jesus should be Lord of our talking. We should talk like Jesus said to do – let our yes be yes and our no be no. No extra embroidery on it! Don’t use idle words that are just used to fill the time. We should have our talking be yes or no and nothing added that is meaningless.

If you are busy doing the do’s then you don’t have time to do the don’ts! To feed the positive side, we should pray and study the Word of God so we are ready to start the next day. What we should do, are things we would do if Jesus was walking beside us. We should walk in Jesus and this puts us on the path to Life.