Sabbath 11/10/18 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken sermon “Take the Mountain”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 11/10/18 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken sermon “Take the Mountain” Joshua 14:6-13

Caleb was one of the original 12 men crew that went over to spy out the land. He believed the Lord would defeat the giants in the land and give the land to them. The 10 men that gave the bad report were believed by the people. The people wanted to stone Caleb and Joshua who gave the good news about the land. Moses saved Caleb and gave him the mountain land. Caleb was 40 years old when God and Moses promised him the land. He is now 85 years old.

God gives us things in His timing, not ours. Today we put food in a microwave and set it at 3 minutes to cook. After 23 seconds, we are already impatient and want it now. We want God to give us His promises in microwave time. We don’t like to wait for stuff. We have to wait for God’s timing just like Caleb waited for God’s promise for 45 years. He was 85 years old and remembered the promise God gave him. Caleb staked his claim to that promise and acted on the promise after he made his claim on it.

There are two types of promises in the Bible: Unconditional promise and Conditional promise.
  • An unconditional promise is like when God put the rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise to not destroy the earth again with a flood. There are no conditions to this promise and we don’t have to do anything.
  • A conditional promise, made to us by God, is when we do “this” for God then He will do “that” for us.
Caleb had to go to war to get his mountain land. God wants us to get up and act also. God wants to give us blessings but we have to act like we are at war. We are in a Spiritual battle and we need to put on our Spiritual armor. We are in a war and we are called to take the mountain. We are called to defeat the enemy, Satan himself, because Jesus won the victory. We are called to act in Faith. It’s not over until we see Jesus.

We can be at peace while we are at war because Jesus won the victory for us by Faith. God still used Caleb at 85 years old to take the mountain. Caleb was victorious because he trusted God’s promise by Faith. God has called us to take the mountain in Jesus’s name!!