Sabbath 12/16/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “God’s Garden”

Sabbath 12/16/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “God’s Garden” Luke 19:11-27

God owns everything we have. Everything! Everything we have belongs to Jesus- -our clothes, our bank accounts, our houses, our land etc. etc. God wants us to use everything for His Glory. In the scripture text, we are left with a gift that Jesus wants us to invest it on His behalf. He has placed valuable gifts in our hands. We are not saved by works but by Grace. But…..we are created to do good works for God. He has made good works for us to do on His behalf.

God made the Garden of Eden just for Adam and Eve. They had work to do in the garden. When we do the work God has for us, we are returning on a good investment that He has on us. God decides. God decides to invest Himself in a project that He will get a good return on His investment. In Galatians it says “In due time, we will reap a harvest”. In our scripture text, the servants got an increase on the talent (money) that their boss has given them. The works that we do for God are to build on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Invest in the name of Jesus and things will last forever. Build on the foundation of Christ with our time, our talents and gifts that God has given us.

In Luke 19 verse 20-22, one servant hid the talent and did nothing with it. When Jesus comes back to the Earth, we don’t want Him to see that we have done nothing with the talent and gifts He gave us. We don’t want to shake Jesus’ nail scarred had with our smooth, un-calloused hand that did no work for God’s Kingdom.

Each person’s gift is different but they all have equal value to God. If a person’s gift is preaching or singing or encouraging/comforting people then let him do it diligently in the name of the Lord. Jesus did NOT say “discuss me”. Jesus said “follow me”. We don’t want to compromise with Jesus. Just do what He says and invest the gifts that He has given us. PERIOD. Jesus had placed each of us in the body of Christ with different gifts. This is so we may serve together in the body of Christ for His Kingdom.