Sabbath 12/17/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “I Have Come”

Sabbath 12/17/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “I Have Come” John 1:14

Two thousand years ago God stepped out of Heaven and became a man. He did this so we could look at Jesus and say that’s what God looks like. In John it says the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This verse tells us what really happened 2000 years ago and what it means to us. In this scripture we need to focus on the words Grace and Truth. Four things happened:

  1. Jesus became a human being

  2. Jesus was among us on the earth

  3. Jesus revealed His Glory to us

  4. Jesus invites us to come to Him
Jesus is God and that’s true. God became Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus became the visual expression of God. He was God expressing Himself in a language we could understand. God was saying “I have come”. Jesus came as a little boy but He was fully God and fully man. The love and wisdom of God spoke with human lips and His mercy moved with human hands.

Jesus stepped out of Heaven, coming to get us saved. Jesus personally came down to us to bring us home. When Jesus stepped out, He was God with skin on Him in human flesh. God dwelt among us. He pitched a tent, a tabernacle. This is what dwelt among us means. Jesus is the place we meet today. For 33 years God was among us as Jesus lived among us.

Pitching a tent means God wants to have contact with us and He wants to be with us and be familiar with us. He became human to pitch a tent in our backyard. Being in our backyard, Jesus comes inside our house to eat with us, to use the rest room and to have conversations with us. Jesus was and is the glory of God and the visible manifestation of God’s power. People could see Jesus and the glory and power that God has. God wants to be seen and known in His son. When we hear Jesus teach, we hear God teach. In Jesus we see God.

Jesus identifies with our pain and loneliness because He felt it when He became a man. Some people say they won’t believe in God unless He comes down himself to them. This was already done when Jesus came. Jesus came to earth full of grace and truth. He offered grace and truth to all. Grace is an irresistible generosity of God. God gives us grace. Truth is divine. It is trustworthy, predictable and its truth. Truth without grace can be rigid. Truth with grace is how Jesus could come down and die for our sins.

Because Jesus is full of grace, we can come to Him as we are. We don’t have to clean up before we come to Jesus. When Jesus says He will pardon our sins, He means it. Jesus says thru grace, we can come to Him and share His goodness that He freely offers. There is Grace and Truth. Christmas is God’s saving Grace for us. Jesus is the author of Grace and we celebrate His birth. Jesus is here and God is here in Christ. The Lord is a living presence because He loves us.