Sabbath 12/27/14 Daytona Beach SDB Church Minister Terri sermon He’s The Know It All

Sabbath 12/27/14 Daytona Beach SDB Church Minister Terri sermon He’s The Know It All Psalms 37:18

Psalm 37:18
= The Lord knoweth the days of the upright and their inheritance shall be forever.

The title of my sermon is missing a word. It should say” He’s the Real Know It all”! I remember my mother and sister always saying “don’t be such a know it all”. When we were kids, 8, 9 or 10 yrs. old, we thought we knew it all and our parents didn’t know anything. They couldn’t tell us anything because we thought we knew it all. Back then they still could tell us something but today children will call 911 on their parents. Back then the 911 call was the belt that was hanging on the bedroom door. The belt was the 911 call!

I talk about our parents because God is a parent. God is a parent to all of us. He knows us like the back of His hand, just like our parents did. Our parents knew every last one of us. They knew what we were capable of doing, they knew what we were thinking about doing. They knew it before we did it! Sounds familiar to me! God is the same way. He knew you the moment you were conceived. It was Him that allowed you to be here and allowed you to have the parents that you had. He knew how it was going to turn out. God knew exactly how. He said alright, I’m going to send this one to this set of parents because I know how they are going to do this with them. I’m going to send this other one to this set of parents, even though it may be a hardship because I know they are going to teach my child something. Every lesson we have learned coming up as children was to bring us to the point that He has us at right now. A point to where we know Him. A point to where we appreciate Him and what He had done in our lives.

Take a look back at the things that we have done. For instance, I can’t speak for anybody else but can only speak for me. People ask me how old I am and I don’t have a problem telling them this. They say “Oh….a woman is not supposed to tell her age. That’s supposed to be a secret”. No not to me. I’m 63 years old and there are three times I should have left here in my life. One by my own, one by a car accident-the car I was in was run over by a tractor trailer and one where I was almost beaten to death by a “boyfriend”. God has plan for every last one of us and that’s the reason why we are still here. I wasn’t preaching at that time. I wasn’t even thinking about being a preacher. Who knew I would be standing here before you today. Take a look back. My sister can tell you I was a horrible little girl that was spoiled rotten! Who knew? God knew. God knew where I would be today.

God is the Real know it all. He is that know-it-all person at work. The one that knows exactly what file to go to for finding the right piece of paper. The one who knows the right doughnuts to bring. The one who knows the right words to say when you are having a bad day. God brings that person to you. Every one of us can name some one that God has brought to us when times were tough, when times were hard and when we didn’t have what we needed. God always puts somebody there for us. God knew what we needed and He provided it. I thank God for that.

God is the Real know it all! Moses brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and they acted up. They were doing everything that they were big enough to do and even talked Aaron into making the golden calf. They gathered up everybody’s gold jewelry and told Aaron to make the calf so they could worship it. Did they forget who brought them out? Did they forget who provided for them? I think they did. If they had done the same things to Pharaoh that they did to God, Pharaoh would have unleashed ungodly atrocities on them. But what did God do? God forgave them. God said “they don’t know any better yet so I will cover them.” Even though it was many years that they were out in the wilderness wandering around before they got a clue, some of us are still running around looking for a clue. And God knows this! And God covers us! None of us is perfect. I’m not going to stand here and tell you that I’m perfect because I’m not. Far from it! I’ve fallen so many times that it is probably why I have a new me. But I know that God loves me and I know that He forgives me.

Sometimes because we know that God loves us and forgives us, we do things we have no business doing. This happens because we know God will forgive us if we ask Him with a sincere heart. This is what we have been taught, but God knows already. God is the Real know it all man! God brings us through things that we thought we would never make it thru. He allows us to not go thru so others can see Him bring us through. I think about our Food Pantry Ministry and the people’s lives that it touches on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday when I pray to God, I say, “there before God go I”. This is because at one time I was the one standing on the outside and someone helped me. God put someone in the position to help me. I thank God for putting people in my path to bring me out of living in the streets. Some people get into bad situations like living in the streets and stay in the bad situation because that’s all they think they are good for. God knows this is not the truth. God know that sometimes you have to put pride aside and ask. God is right there to answer you. God is the Real Know It All!