Sabbath 12/3/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Minister Rick sermon “Why Am I Here?”

Sabbath 12/3/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Minister Rick sermon “Why Am I Here?” Matthew 1:1-17

Have any of you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you were there? Or opened the fridge and forgot what you wanted? We try to retrace our steps backward to see where we were and how we came to where we are. Genealogy is important because it helps us know where we been and where we come from in our family. You can look at grandfathers and grandsons to see the similarities. Why is the genealogy of Jesus included in the Bible? Matthew was trying to convince the unbelieving Jews that Jesus was Jewish and He was the Messiah.

Matthew is wanting people to know who Jesus is. There are some important names that we recognize like Abraham, Isaak, Jacob, Ruth and Judah. The bible says that all of Abraham’s seed will be blessed. It says David’s house will be established forever. Jesus is descended from David. Bible says in the house of Judah, the king’s scepter will never depart from it. There are names that we do not recognize, that are part of Joseph’s and Jesus’s ancestry. We can look at these faith believers that are listed here and take them as an example for us to follow. God sent Jesus, is only son, to die for us so we can repent of our sins. Through Jesus, we have our names written in the Book of Life. God didn’t need Joseph to provide DNA to be Jesus’ father. God used Joseph because he was ready to be used by God to be Jesus’ father.

The question why am I here has come up. We have to make our faith our own and not rely on our parent’s faith. We have to make our faith our own and make decisions for ourselves concerning our lifestyle, being in obedience to God’s ways. We need to read the Bible ourselves and let the Holy Spirit teach us the Word of God. Many things that happen in your life help shape what you have become. God can use you wherever you are. He needs people in construction, in grocery stores to be witnesses for Him. Jesus needs us to get people to draw closer to God.

We are all here today because of Jesus and what He has done in our lives. We have a great hope for the future because we have Jesus in our lives. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit working through us, will get us thru our trials and experience in life. The Lord wants us to let Him shine thru us and be a light to the world. As long as we are alive, God has a purpose for our lives and stuff for us to do.