Sabbath 12/5/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “The Significance of Our Faith”

Sabbath 12/5/15 Daytona SDB Church Pastor Wray sermon “The Significance of Our Faith” I Peter 1:3-12

We need to have FAITH to survive the hurricanes of life. All of us need an anchor that will hold during the storms of life. That anchor is our FAITH. Peter knew how important Faith is and tells us how to keep the Faith and to live our Faith. In our society as well as in Peter’s society, it is not easy to live a Christ centered Faith life. We need to have our Faith anchor holding in storms of life. Only a Faith in Christ is true.

Four Things to Live Out our Faith:

  1. Have a Timeless Faith:

    Our Faith in Christ is kept in Heaven and is imperishable. It is in Heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy just like the treasures Jesus told us to put in Heaven. Our Faith in God and Jesus is set on someone who will never perish. If we have faith in things on earth they will get old, wear away and be destroyed. Some great cities of the past are nothing left but rubble.

  2. Have Incorruptible Faith:

    Faith in God will be incorruptible if we lean on Him and Jesus. Jesus has no sin, has incorruptible power with no pride or ego. Jesus is the only person that absolute power has not corrupted. Our Faith can only be incorruptible if it is in Jesus the incorruptible one. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

  3. Have a Tested Faith:

    Our Faith in Christ must be tested so we know it will hold up in the storms of life. Our Faith anchor in Christ will hold us and it’s a valuable anchor. When our Faith is tested, all of its impurities will surface and the Lord scrapes them off. Then we will have pure Faith, pure gold like in verse 7. Peter says our Faith is like gold when it is tested and impurities are scraped off. Our Faith, like gold, becomes more valuable. Much more valuable than gold is FAITH! Gold is secondary to our Faith because gold can perish but our Faith in Jesus will go on forever. Our Faith is something Eternal and not something that cannot be destroyed.

  4. Have a Reflecting Faith:

    Our Faith should reflect Jesus to the world. It should reveal and reflect the image, love and joy of Jesus. As our Faith grows more, the deeper nature of Christ is revealed to us. Our lives begin to change when our Faith is growing. Our lives will begin to reflect the image of Christ. Jesus desires His reflection in our lives. Our Faith must be centered in our love for Jesus Christ.
Our Faith in Jesus has stood the test of time. We know that Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. Real Faith is loving a Christ we have never seen but knowing without a shadow of a doubt that He exists. Jesus is Lord, the Son of God, King of Kings and our Lord and Savior! Peter points out that true Faith is not just tied to what the Old Testament prophets said but to the fulfillment of what they prophesied would happen. The fulfillment of what God told the prophets is fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah! Our Faith is that Jesus died on the cross, rose again and is coming back to get us! Our Faith is in Jesus Christ!