Sabbath 2/11/17 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “It’s All Right”

Sabbath 2/11/17 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “It’s All Right” II Kings 4:23, 26

In our text, the woman said things were “All Right”. Today we too can convey our feelings in the same way. This woman was showing her confidence in difficult circumstances. She had built a room for the prophet and it was to be used when he came to town. The Prophet Elijah told her she would have a son and she did. Then her son got sick one day in his head. The child died in his mother’s lap. She took her son’s body into the prophet’s room and laid him on the bed. Then she said she wanted to go see the prophet but they said it wasn’t a special Sabbath or high day. She then said everything was all right and she was going to see the prophet anyway.

When the woman almost got to the prophet, he saw her coming and sent a servant to her. When the servant asked her what was going on, she said everything was all right. Her son had died in her arms but she said everything was all right. This woman had Faith in God that her son would be restored and brought back to life. She had said everything was all right to her husband before she left and she said it’s all right to the prophet’s servant too. This woman was speaking by Faith what she wanted. She wanted everything to be all right. She had Faith. The woman spoke her Faith by saying it was all right when her son had just died.

When the prophet Elijah got to her, she said “did I ask you for a son? Then the prophet knew that what she wanted had to do with her son. The woman never let fear or death come out of her mouth. She decided to walk by Faith and not by sight. What she believed did happen because her son was raised from the dead. Her son’s life was restored because of his mother’s Faith in God!!

Many of us today are facing situations that look impossible. We need to look at this woman’s example of Faith. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The power of life and death is in our tongues. We must speak life and let our words be life. Let us be able to say it is all right when we are in the midst of our difficulties. Although we walk thru the valley of death, we will fear no evil because God is with us! GOD IS WITH US!!!!