Sabbath 2/21/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Can You Juggle?

Sabbath 2/21/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Can You Juggle? II Timothy 2:15

When rightly handling the Word of God, we are to not fight or wangle over the words in scripture. We are to not have empty words about scripture. We are to be diligent and learn the Word. We are not to take away from the Word or the doctrine of the Lord.

Nine Principles of Interpretation

  1. Let the Holy Spirit Lead You: The Bible is a Divine book and a supernatural book. The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit. We should ask God to let the Holy Spirit lead us in our study. It will be the Holy Spirit connecting to our spirit. Spirit to Spirit.

  2. Understand the Language: We must understand the Bible language so we can learn. We must not skip words we don’t understand but learn the word’s meaning by using the Webster dictionary.

  3. Understand the Context: In Bible study we must look at context, what is around the scripture in the chapter. Look at what the scripture before it said and after it says. Look at the circumstances and environment it was said in.

  4. Understand the Literary Style: There are different styles of writing in the Bible. The style of poetry is one of these different styles. So when we read Psalms, we know that it is poetry. When we read in Psalms that we are under God’s wings, this does not mean that God is a chicken or a bird with wings!

  5. Use Reason and Reasonableness: We must use our minds to reason and think. Use reason when we read scripture. God gave us our brain and our minds to think when we read the Word.

  6. Use the Law of Contradiction: This law of contradiction is when we have or see two opposite things, one must be wrong and one must be right. If when we read scripture, it seems to contradict itself, it is not the scripture but our understanding that is lacking. We are missing the point. Not the Word! All scripture in the Word compliments itself.

  7. Use Ockham’s Razor: This razor method is when there are two solutions found in the Bible to interpret the scripture. We are to use the simple solution and not the complicated one.

  8. Use Sola Verbum: This is using the combination of “Only Scripture” and “God Speaking” to us. God speaks to us thru situations and other people. We are to Listen and Hear God.

  9. Use Wesleyan Quadrilateral: This method bases its teaching on four sources as the basis of theological and doctrinal development. The Holy Scripture is like the King. Under it and helping us to understand scripture is Vision, Reason and Experience.