Sabbath 2/28/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon “Lamp Unto My Feet”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 2/28/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon “Lamp Unto My Feet” Psalm 119:105

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible with 178 verses. Throughout the whole chapter, the message is that the Word of God is a Lamp unto our feet.

  1. Why do we need a Lamp? The Lamp gives light in darkness. We need a Lamp because it is dark. We know it is dark when we pass a cemetery. We know it is dark because there are drugs in schools. We know it is dark because there is domestic violence in the home. The world’s violence tells us it is dark.

  2. What is the Lamp? Scripture tells us that in the darkness, we have Lamp. It does not say candle, but it says a Lamp. In the Bible days, the lamp was a clay lamp filled with olive oil and a wick. People held the lamp in their hands. As long as we have the Word of God, we have a Lamp we can hold in our hands. The Lamp is the Word.

  3. What does the Lamp do for us? God wants to communicate to us so He gave us the Word, this Lamp for us. It is God’s Word, no the word of our fellow believers. Only God’s Word, only the Holy Scriptures can help us and be a Lamp unto our feet. The Lamp provides a light for our feet and a path. This way, with the Lamp in our hand, we can walk in darkness and see the way to walk through the darkness. We can trust the Lamp to show us where we should be walking thru this darkness. The Word is there to help us walk step by step as it guides us.

  4. How do we keep the Lamp working? We have to trim the Lamp’s wick. We have to find time to read the Word of God! Whether we are busy or not, trim the wick of the Lamp! Find time to read the Word of God. Then we need to have the oil in the Lamp. The oil is the Holy Spirit. We need to let the Holy Spirit lead us as we read the Word and believe the Word. Where was the lamp held? In the hand. The Lamp is near to you in your hand. It is close by us. Keep the Word near to you. The Word is a Lamp unto My feet. The Word is a light for My path. We need to thank the Lord for the gift of the Word. It is the light that breaks through the darkness and leads us on through it.