Sabbath 2/7/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Meditation

Sabbath 2/7/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon Meditation Psalm 1:1-5

Being Blessed--This is when we are better off being this way then what we were before. We are better off with God and we are blessed.

Verse 1-External:

In our text, we are not to walk in the counsel of the wicked. We are not to listen to others who want us to do the five finger discount (shoplift). We are to not listen to the devil when he says we won’t get in trouble. We are not to stand in the path of sinners but are to choose to go in the way of righteousness. Don’t sit in the seat of scoffers, scorners. These are people who don’t believe in God so we should not sit down with them.

Verse 2-Internal:

In our text, we are to delight in the Law of the Lord. Delight in the Bible and get excited about it! The Law of God is there to move us and to get us excited and to want more. We are to meditate on the Word of God. Meditate is like a cow chewing its cud. The cow eats a lot of food then goes off to a safe place. The cow throws up the food back into his mouth and chews, digests it again. This is the action of a meditation. You read the Word, bring it back up in your mind, then read it again, think on it, pray about it and do this over and over again.

Verse 3-Promise:

In our text, we are to be like a tree planted by streams of water. We will bear fruit and our leaves will not wither. Whatever we do, we will prosper. We will have life because we meditated on God’s Word and did not hang out or listen to sinners. We all have gifts and when the season is right, will bear fruit. We have leaves that do not wither. We will endure thru our sufferings. We will make it through! Whatever we do shall prosper. Jesus wins and we are more than conquerors thru Him that loves us. Jesus wins and we win thru Jesus! We all want to be like the tree in the desert that is planted by the rivers of water.