Sabbath 3/14/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon “Resurrection of a Little Girl”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 3/14/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon “Resurrection of a Little Girl” Mark 5:21-24

Have any of you ever been in despair, up against the wall and wondering what is next? All of us have had issues of despair. Today we look at Jarius and his daughter’s situation. Jarius was a ruler of the synagogue and had come to Jesus. This was a thing not approved of and Jarius might get kicked out of the synagogue. It was in the daytime when Jarius went to see Jesus and all would see him. It was also an issue of despair because Jarius went down and begged at Jesus’s feet for his daughter. Jarius was at a point of despair and only Jesus could help. Jarius asked Jesus to come lay hands on his child to heal her. In Jarius’s moment of despair, Jesus goes with him. We must remember that if we turn to Jesus, He will be with us.

As they are going to Jarius’s house, the crowd is around them and Jesus suddenly stops because someone touched Him. Jesus felt the power going out of Him. This woman that was sick had touched Him and she was healed! Meanwhile, Jarius sees Jesus stopping to heal and talk to this lady. Jarius may have wanted Jesus to hurry up and get to his sick daughter. Then people come from Jarius’s house and tell him that his daughter is dead. Jesus tells Jarius to not be afraid. Jesus goes into see his dead daughter with Peter, James, John and her father Jarius. Jesus tells the mourners and crying people to get out after He tells them the girl is just sleeping. They laugh at Jesus and say the girl is dead. Jesus puts them out! We need to be careful of who we pray with because they might not believe in what you are praying for. They might not believe that what you are praying for can or will happen. Don’t pray with them! If they don’t believe then put them out like Jesus did!

After the unbelieving people are put out, Jesus tells the little girl to get up. When Jesus says something to you, what do you do? You do what He says. So she got up! She got up, she walked around and ate what she was given to eat. Jesus had said the little girl was just sleeping because death to Jesus is just sleeping. The scripture says that the people in the room were amazed. I can understand the parents being amazed but why the three disciples? They had just saw Jesus calm the stormy river and then heal a demon possessed man. Yet they were still amazed.

Jesus told the girl’s parents to not tell what had happened. We don’t have to tell people every miracle that God does for us either. People will see it for themselves and ask us about it. Let what God does, speak for itself! Jarius was in despair and God gave him back his little girl. Glorify God in Jesus Name!