Sabbath 3/19/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Minister Rob sermon “Leaving Unbelief Behind”

Sabbath 3/19/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Minister Rob sermon “Leaving Unbelief Behind” Matt. 17:14-20

Unbelief is one of the greatest hindrances in Christian life. It takes different forms like not believing God’s word or not believing God’s way is the best. God’s Truth and God’s Word are gifts to us. Faith is a gift from God. Sometimes we ignore God’s gifts to us. Move from little faith to big faith. When we do this we are moving to a closer relationship with Jesus. We don’t need to have obstacles of worry, fear or doubt. We must leave these obstacles of fear, worry and doubt behind. Our job is to leave these obstacles alone and don’t go back to them. We must do more than just believe in God. We must Trust God and put our Faith in God. Satan also believes in God too, so we must do more than just believe, we must TRUST GOD!

In our text, Jesus said there were unbelievers and he was referring to the Jews. They followed the Law and believed in God but still had unbelief. Today many people believe in God, but ask them if they die today will they go to Heaven. They say maybe and hope so. They have unbelief creeping in. You must Believe in God and have Faith in God and Faith in Jesus! There’s a huge difference between believing and having faith in God. Faith is believing, trusting God’s word. You do this with all your soul and mind! Jesus said they were perverse, corrupting and distorting the Truth. Perverse is to corrupt, lie and distort the Truth. This is done to influence people in a negative way. Influencing in a negative way and calling good evil and evil good is what prophet Isaiah said. He said woe to them that do this. Apostle Paul said people exchanged the Truth of God for a lie and had another truth.

In our text, Jesus said the disciples had little faith. They could not cast out the demon from the boy. They had little faith and that was the root problem. Little faith cannot overcome big problems. Jesus said they needed faith, prayer and fasting. A miracle by God is the only thing that can make a difference. God expects us to have Great Faith. Great Faith is our desired destination as a Christ followers. In Hebrews 11:6, without Faith it is impossible to please God. God wants us to believe, have faith and earnestly seek Him. Jesus said if we come unto Him, earnestly seek Him, we will find Him. Believe that God is the Creator of the universe and nothing is impossible for Him. God answers our prayers if we seek Him and have faith in God. Faith is the belief in His ability, that GOD CAN DO WHATSOEVER HE WANTS!!!! When God says no to us we should have Peace because He knows what’s best for us.

Unbelief tries to get God not to be God. Unbelief wants to be the center of the earth and tries to pervert the things that God created. Great Faith trusts that God’s ways are the best ways. Great Faith trusts that God moves mountains. God said It, I believe It and that settles It. Leave our unbelief behind and wait for God’s miracle to come to us.