Sabbath 3/25/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “Completing Miracles”

Sabbath 3/25/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “Completing Miracles” Mark 8:22-30

When one person gets a miracle, we all start looking for a miracle for ourselves. We all don’t get the same types of miracles from God. God gives each of us astounding miracles that go with His plans for us. After the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000 people, they came back to Him a second time. They came back because they wanted more free food. Jesus is not the welfare system. Jesus cut them off when He said they just came for free food and not to hear the Word of God.

The word “miracle” is used a lot by us but the Bible is sparse in the use of it. The word “miracle” in Greek means power or a display of power. In the Bible the word “heal” in Greek is translated into the word therapy. The word healing is in the Bible, in the Old Testament and New Testament repeatedly. In our text, Jesus heals a blind man and then tells him to go home and tell no one. The blind man had only partial vision with the 1st touch of Jesus. We can ask what was going on when Jesus didn’t heal him completely with the 1st touch. In previous chapters, Jesus had healed completely and immediately.

In this healing with the partial vision restoration, the blind man said he saw trees. This means he must have seen before because he knew what trees looked like. The Lord Jesus gave him the 2nd touch and healed him. Then Jesus said go home and tell no one. The Bible says that Jesus has done so many things (miracles) that it is too many to write down. We, as Christians, can approach God to heal other people. The disciples saw Jesus do many miracles and healings. Some of these healings He did in front of lots of people and some He did privately. With some of the private healings, Jesus said to tell no one about it. With this blind man, the disciples watched Jesus perform an incomplete private miracle. The blind man said he saw but could not see clearly, so Jesus touched him twice.

Jesus may have done this vision healing in this way, for the disciples to see it. This may be because the next thing Jesus asked them was who they thought He was. Jesus didn’t want to be King of the country Israel because His Kingdom is not of this world! He didn’t want to be elected as a king. Jesus did not want to be a politician. How many elected officials have disappointed us? These disappointments will continue until Jesus comes back as the final King of Everything and Everybody!!

When we settle for incomplete things and just focus on the miracles, we don’t see Jesus as the Complete King of All. We should never be completely content with what we have from God. Instead we should keep looking for better things and a more complete understanding of God’s purpose for Jesus the Son of God. We need to focus on our close abiding relationship with God our Father. We need to pray for better vision. Tell God we can see but don’t see clearly. We should want to see better so then we can be a more complete servant of God. Ask the Lord for help in growing in His Word and getting more clarity in His Word. Ask the Lord to strengthen us and those we touch around us.