Sabbath 3/28/15 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon “Baptism & Resurrection“

Sabbath 3/28/15 Alfred Station SDB church Pastor Ken sermon “Baptism & Resurrection“ Romans 6:1-5, John 11:38-44

In the text we see it speaks about baptism but I want us to look at the death of Christ, the promise of the resurrection and the changed life we are to live.

The Death of Christ: Jesus was baptized, not because He needed it, because He had no sin. He was baptized because it was the right thing to do. When we do it, we identify ourselves as believers in the death of Jesus Christ. We do it to show that we believe. We declare to all our belief in the death of Jesus. We identify with the death of Christ.

The Promise of Resurrection: When we are baptized in the water, we are brought back up from the water. They say when you see bubbles in the water then it is time to bring them up. We are participants in the resurrection of Jesus. We are now called to do something and this something is to live in the Power of the Resurrection.

The Changed Life We Are To Live: Now we walk in a life that glorifies God the Father. We have the power to do this because we identified with the death and resurrection of Christ. Our life is to be changed and we sin no more. We are called to live a different kind of life. This is because Jesus’ death, Jesus’ burial, and Jesus’ resurrection is REAL!!

There is a connection with Baptism and Resurrection. Jesus is the one who has compassion for all people. He was the one with compassion that said to Martha, “Let’s go to the tomb”. Jesus would not leave his friend dead. Jesus said “Roll away the stone”. She said “He is already dead and he will stink”. Jesus said “If you only believe, you will see the Glory of the Father”. Jesus speaks to Lazarus with a loud voice. I guess you have to raise your voice and holler at dead people. Whenever Jesus says something, you do what He says to do. Even if you are dead, you do whatever Jesus says to do. So Lazarus got up and rose from the dead. At that time Lazarus was bound with grave clothes. Jesus said to loose him and let him go. You can’t just rise from the tomb but you must also be loosed from your grave clothes. We also are no longer bound by the former things. As we take the Lord’s Supper, we are saying that we are raised with the Resurrection Power and we are Loosed.

The Power of the Resurrection: If we believe that Jesus died and rose again then those that died in Christ will rise first. Then we which are still alive will be caught up to meet Jesus in the air to be with Him forever!! FOREVER!!!!