Sabbath 4/11/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon “Stand Before Your Master”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 4/11/15 Alfred Station SDB Church Pastor Ken sermon “Stand Before Your Master” Romans 14:1-4

Men > Women, Have > Have Not, Saved > Not Saved, Lost > Found. The world is divided in many ways. Weak Christians > Strong Christians, Weak People > Strong People. The scripture text gives two illustrations of eating food and the day one worships on. The strong person ought to accept the person who is weak and not for the purpose to judge them. Today as we take the Lord’s Supper, we should not be asking why a certain person taking communion. We are not to judge.

The strong person can eat whatever they want, the ham or the grasshopper. The weak person says they have eating restrictions to follow. At the time of this scripture, Paul was writing to the church in Rome where there were Jews and Gentiles. They had different eating habits/rules and opinions. The church had strong and weak persons but they were not to have contempt for each other or be intimidated by other people’s opinions.
Verse four says the believers are not in charge of each other. We are all going to stand in front of the Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t rise and fall on the opinions of someone else. We only rise and fall on the opinion of Jesus Christ! We want to stand Holy and Complete in front of Jesus on the Day of Judgment. All other people with their opinions and ideas mean nothing compared to what God and Jesus say to do!

For us as believers, we need to just live to the Lord Jesus Christ and opinions are just opinions. It comes down to one thing, are we with Jesus or not! What master do we stand before is what really matters. We want Jesus the Son of God to one day say to us” Well done they good and faithful servant”.