Sabbath 4/18/15 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon “Walk on Water Anyone?“

Sabbath 4/18/15 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon “Walk on Water Anyone?“ Matt 14:22-34

I. It All Begins Matt 14:22-23:
Jesus is around the Sea of Galilee which has ten cities around it. He made the disciples get into the boat and He sent the crowd away. In Gospel of John, Jesus had just fed thousands of people. He dismissed the crowd and sent the disciples into the boat. Jesus went up into the mountains to pray to God. If Jesus needed to pray, we need to pray too. Jesus found a quiet place on the mountain to be alone to pray. He went alone by himself to pray without distractions.

II. Walk On Water Anyone? Matt 14:24-31:
The disciples are in the boat a long distance away from land. They are dealing with high winds that drive them across the lake. They are rowing against the wind. Jesus went walking on the water toward them. This is a miraculous thing that shows Jesus’ divine power. The disciples get scared and think He is a ghost. Jesus tells them it is He and don’t be afraid. Peter asks to walk on the water with Jesus. Jesus says come and he walks for a while. Then Peter sees the winds blowing, gets scared and sinks into the water. Peter took his eyes off Jesus, sank into the water and then called on Jesus to save him. Jesus did just that. We, like Peter, have faith for a while and then we get scared because we look at the problem instead of looking at Jesus. As we sink, we cry out for the Lord to save us and He does. Jesus asks us why did we doubt. Faith will always save us. Have faith in the Lord, don’t doubt but believe!

III. So What? Matt 14:31-34:
Jesus walked on the water and then got into the boat. The winds are still blowing hard but after He gets into the boat, the winds and waves stopped blowing and pushing. The disciples had already seen the miracle healings and miracle feeding of thousands of people. But when the winds and waves stopped, the disciples finally say Jesus is the Son of God. When miracles happen to other people, we say that’s nice. But when it happens to us, it hits home the miracle power of Jesus. We then see and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that we have a relationship with God the Father. The disciples worshipped the Lord after He did this miracle. We need to worship the Lord ALL THE TIME because we have FAITH that Heaven belongs to us!! We are called to believe in the Land of Promise that belongs to us thru Jesus Christ.