Sabbath 4/21/18 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “We Are The Church”

Sabbath 4/21/18 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith sermon “We Are The Church” Romans 16:1-16

Jesus loved the Church and died for it. The Church is also the Bride of Christ. Jesus gave Himself up for the Church. The Church is the people in it and NOT the church building. It is never a place but a group of people. It is YOU who pray and not where you pray. Jesus died for the people, not for a building.

In our text, Paul mentions almost 28 people by name. People were the Church then and still are the Church today. These people were mentioned by name because God wanted them mentioned. He wanted to honor them. God knows all our names in the Church. A man who loves God is known by God. God know us and our every detail. Jesus said He knows all His sheep. We are all known and loved by the Lord. All people are significant to the Lord. God knows you and your name. He knows your name because you are important to Him. God has important things for you to do.

When Jesus chose His disciples, He chose people of all kinds. Jesus didn’t choose impressive people but chose who He wanted to use. God is not impressed by people or their wealth or intelligence. The high and mighty people of this world do NOT impress God! But… the people who obey God and work for His Kingdom, are the ones who impress God. The people who work and labor for the Lord are cared for and honored by the Lord. In our text, these people are honored for all eternity by having their names mentioned in these scriptures. God’s Church is made up of people who do NOT need a “title” to honor God.

The Church, the people of God should be taking care of each other. Be devoted to one another, love one another, accept one another, teach and serve one another. We should also encourage one another and offer hospitality to one another. All these things are what God wants us to do. These things make us different from the people of the world. Jesus washed us with His blood and we are clean and justified by Him. In Jesus’s Church, we are given an opportunity to make a difference in our world. Thank God for the deep Love He has for us.