Sabbath 4/29/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “A Prescription for Fatigue”

Sabbath 4/29/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “A Prescription for Fatigue” Matt 11:25-30

“Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you Rest”

As the 20th century ended, a new disease was found – Clinical Fatigue Syndrome. There is a lot of research still going on with this. Some say it’s a mind thing. It is when some people have difficulty dealing with the stress and strife of life. They have feelings of being worn out, weary and tired. It may be just physical exhaustion or maybe emotional, spiritual weariness that won’t shake off. Some people have duties that keep going on day after day or month after month. These duties seem to go on forever.

Physical and spiritual rest is a necessity of life. This is what the Sabbath Day of rest that God gave us is all about. The Sabbath is a built in day of rest that God has given us. Tell your supervisor at work that God said it at Creation. He said we are to rest on the Sabbath. The struggle to make ends meet and the stresses of life will make us physically and mentally tired. Fatigue can make us feel tired way down into the future. Fatigue can make us want to retreat from everything. In the Old Testament, some of the children of Israel didn’t want to face anymore challenges and said lets go back to Egypt. Their bones dried up in the wilderness.

In our text, Jesus said Praise God and all things were given unto Him. Jesus knows God and God knows Jesus. Jesus said come unto Him and He will give us rest. The Sabbath is the day of rest but Jesus offers us rest from all our fatigue. Jesus promised this rest to us and we can depend on His promises. We trust Jesus! Jesus has the power to deliver on His Word. Jesus can keep His promises because He has the ability to keep His Word. Two thirds – 2/3 of people who make promises do not keep them. But Jesus keeps His promises!!

Prescription for Fatigue: Take Jesus’ yoke upon us and learn of Him. Jesus is meek and lowly in heart. We WILL find rest for our souls. Jesus’s yoke is easy and His burden light. Taking on Jesus’ yoke represents true discipleship. People who accept the invitation of Jesus will become followers of Him. The yoke is easy means it fits well on the shoulders. It’s like having a pair of shoes that are fitted to fit easy on your feet. Jesus has His yoke on us fitting easy because of the burdens of life we will have to bear. Once we have this yoke of Jesus on us, the burdens that were causing us great fatigue, will feel much lighter because of Jesus. Although our burdens will go on, they will feel much lighter. Jesus gives us a manageable workload and we have the Sabbath Day to rest. The rest that Jesus offers is not just rest from doing dishes or washing clothes. His rest is a peace of mind and a calmness of spirit. This rest comes to us because we know we are in Jesus. Jesus, our Savior, is looking after us. His yoke is easy and His burden light.