Sabbath 4/9/16 Seventh Day Baptist church Minister Tom M. sermon “Salvation and Discipleship”

Sabbath 4/9/16 Seventh Day Baptist church Minister Tom M. sermon “Salvation and Discipleship” II Peter 1:3-11

In these scriptures, we thought the job was done. We are saved, have faith and get God’s promises. That was salvation. Salvation is ours but there is more to the getting of Excellency. Salvation is just the beginning and hard work in the Lord follows until we get to excellence. A closer relationship with God thru Jesus Christ. Salvation is simple, not easy but it is the most important thing that happens to a person. We didn’t do anything for it but God and Jesus did it all for us to get salvation. We just had to accept God’s gift of Jesus Christ to get our salvation.

  1. Recognize that we are sinners

  2. Recognize that Jesus died for our sins.

  3. Repent of our sins.

  4. Accept Jesus as our Savior.
We are to admit, believe and confess to others the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is all in John 3:16 –God loved the world, gave his only son that whosoever believes in Him shall be saved. They will have Salvation.

Then the work begins, discipleship. This is turning other people into disciples of Christ, telling people the gospel and what we believe. We are to supplement our Faith with seven principles that we need to work on.

  1. Virtue: We need to have moral excellence. Knowing good from bad and choosing good and choosing right.

  2. Knowledge/Understanding: Make an effort to learn/study the Word of God. Continue to try to know what God says.

  3. Self-Control/Temperance: Put aside your own desires and stay on the course. Know your weaknesses, ignore the distractions and choose to not be distracted. Recognize the temptations and choose to not follow them.

  4. Steadfastness/Patience: This is more than hanging in there and enduring things. This is being steady and not deviating or wandering off the path. Stay on the continuing path and don’t go off and on the path. It is staying on the straight ongoing path and being consistent.

  5. Godliness: We need to be devoted to God. Always focusing on God and being truly devoted. This is letting God have His way with us.

  6. Brotherly Affection: We should do for others and have brotherly kindness and love for others.

  7. Love/Charity: Having a love and affection for other people. We are to have concern and care for people and put it into action!
The Ultimate Love is God’s unconditional love for us. Jesus died on the cross for our salvation. Our response is to supplement our Faith with these seven principles. These things will keep us affective and fruitful in the work of Jesus. The scripture says we will get us into the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ.