Sabbath 5/12/18 Seventh Day Baptist Alfred Station, NY. Pastor Ken sermon “Kind Intentions”

Sabbath 5/12/18 Seventh Day Baptist Alfred Station, NY. Pastor Ken sermon “Kind Intentions” Ephesians 1:9-10

Looking at the text, we look at it with the Holy Spirit teaching us the Word. The Book of Ephesians has converted several men into being Christian followers of Jesus Christ. Ephesians is a crash course in Christian theology. It talks about God the Father and the Holy Spirit, but mainly talks about Jesus Christ. Jesus is the centerpiece in Ephesians Chapter 1.

God made known. God made known. God exists thru the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is personable. God wishes to communicate with us thru the Holy Spirit and the Bible. God wants to communicate with us. He reveals to us who He is and what He wants us to know. God made known. God knows something and doesn’t want to keep it to himself. He wants us to know. God has revealed to us a mystery. When the Bible uses the word “mystery”, it is not talking about a Sherlock Holmes mystery novel. It is talking about something that was “hidden”. The prophets foretold and talked about the “hidden” mystery-the Messiah. That which was hidden has been made known and revealed in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ meant to do what He did. We, as human beings, have good intentions but don’t always do them. God has good intentions and does them. The Bible says to cast all your cares on the Lord and He will help us. That’s a kind intention. He really cares about us. God’s kind intention is that we know the mystery which is Jesus Christ. God made order out of chaos. God brought light into existence at the time of Creation. This is just like when Jesus came as the Light and Life into the world. God gave order to chaos.

God gives us order in our chaotic life by giving us Jesus Christ. Jesus sums up everything that is in Heaven and in Earth. Jesus brings order. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. If we have Jesus in our lives, He will give us order in our life. Jesus will get rid of the chaos in our life. In Jesus is our fullness and our completeness. We are in JESUS.