Sabbath 5/14/16 Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Wray sermon “God Speaks Through His Word”

Sabbath 5/14/16 Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Wray sermon “God Speaks Through His Word” Psalm 19:7-11

God speaks to us thru His Word. As God speaks, He makes clear His character, nature and He makes clear mankind’s nature. God makes clear to us how man can be reconciled to God thru Jesus. The Word gives warnings of punishment and promises of rewards for obedience to God. The scriptures help us stop falling into error. They tell us how to act. God is the Divine author of all the scriptures. They tell us His plan of Salvation thru His son Jesus Christ.

In verse 7, God speaks to reveal His character and His nature. He wants us to understand who He is. He describes His grace and love for us. He takes the initiative to let us know how He is and we could only now this because God took the initiative to share this with us. God is perfect, sure, mighty, pure, clean, enduring and righteous. God’s Word revives, makes wise, enlightens and makes you rejoice. God’s Word is there to show us how God is. God wants to revive you and enlighten you. God wants to make us more like Him and have us satisfy Him. This will glorify God.

God speaks to us to show what our desires for Him should be like. The Word of God always tell us what God is saying and how He is. We cannot take a scripture out of context and use it to go against what God commands. Some people want to make scripture say what they want it to say. We can’t do that. The Word of God should never be considered apart from the Word. God gave us the Book so we may worship Him in spirit and truth. God’s Word is sweeter than honey because it leads us to God. God’s Word is valuable and a good gift from a good God. It not only tells us about a good God, but also tells us about ourselves. The Word warns us of what will happen if we stray away from the Lord.

The Word of God directs us to the God of the Word. The Word lets us know how to obey the Word and have a greater love for the Lord. We will live greater lives of obedience. Our lives will bring greater glory to Him. Through God’s Word, He shows us that our desire is to be for God. The Word will bring the lost man face to face to his need to be reconciled to God by faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the Son of God. The Word points us to God, who loved us first and sent Jesus to die for us. Jesus loved us first and came to die for us. The Word of God tells us all this and more about the love God has for us. The Word makes us what God would have us to be. The Word will conform us to what God wants us to be.