Sabbath 5/21/16 Seventh Day Baptist of Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “God Speaks and We Fail to Trust H

Sabbath 5/21/16 Seventh Day Baptist of Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “God Speaks and We Fail to Trust Him” Genesis 3:1-6

God has spoken very clearly in His Word. This reflects His divine character. He speaks for our good and His glory. The question is not if His Word is reliable but will we obey and trust Him. We have a tendency to fear other men instead of fearing God. We act like man is bigger than God. Every time we fail to trust God and obey Him, we are setting ourselves us as being superior to God. We are declaring that we know more than God and our way is better than His. We fail to trust in God’s wisdom. That leads to death for us just like it did for our parents, Adam & Eve.

Disobedience is acting like we are big and God is small. Satan, the serpent introduces doubt about the Word of God. Doubt is what the devil uses to put in our mind concerning God’s Word. God’s word is clear and God does not stutter. His word gives us all we need to now. We need to trust and not doubt God’s Word. We need to stop doing our own thing. We like to walk on the threshold and try to do our own thing no matter what God says. We try to alter God’s Word. Everything in God’s Word is true and trustworthy. Nothing in the Word of God needs to be changed. Nothing, whether added to or taken away. When we do this we are demonstrating a lack of trust in the Word of God. Altering the Word says you don’t trust the wisdom of God in giving His Word. Do you alter the Word of God in terms of your dress, music or certain behaviors?

We fail to trust God by disobeying God’s Word. Disobedience is our adamant usurping of God’s authority in our lives. We know what the Word says and we do our own thing anyway. We make ourselves big and God small. Disobedience comes from a heart of rebellion to God and doubt in His Word. When faced with temptation to doubt or disobey, simply ask yourself “what has God said about it?” Trust God’s faithfulness and walk in obedience to God and His Word. Since Adam & Eve, man has chosen to disobey God. We show our lack of trust in God’s character and wisdom. Our only hope is to repent of our sins and have trust in Jesus Christ. We must depend on God’s spirit to empower us to trust in Him and walk in obedience.