Sabbath 5/28/16 Seventh Day Baptist of Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “God Speaks and Makes Known His De

Sabbath 5/28/16 Seventh Day Baptist of Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “God Speaks and Makes Known His Design” Exodus 20:1-17

God speaks thru His laws to demonstrate His holiness as well as making known to us our sinfulness. Many ask when did God’s law come into effect. The reality is that God’s law has always been in effect because God has always existed. The Law, His law is based on His divine nature. Between Eden and Redemption, God’s law is our schoolmaster. It’s designed to show us how God wants us to live. The Law, the commandments of God are there to guide us away from sinning. The Ten Commandments are given to us to check our lives against God’s commandment. We can see how we are standing and doing in our lives according to God’s standard. His law has positive principles for this world to follow.

Thou shall have no other gods, thou shall not take God’s name in vain-these commandments make us see that He must have first place in our lives. God is holy and He gets jealous when we go to other gods. God is to be number one in our lives. Anyone or anything that we put before God, is unworthy to be there. God will get jealous. We are all prone to put certain things (idols) in our lives before God. Our checkbook and our calendar are ways we can see what we put first or second in our lives. Anything we see that comes before God and our time with God should now be made second.

When we put God first, our relationships with people will flourish. God will make us more like Him and the people around us will see this. We will not want to kill people or commit adultery or do fornication. The Law reflects the nature of God and the commandments are timeless and unchanging. God’s law is everywhere and unchanging. Everywhere it is known by everyone that it is wrong to kill, steal and lie. God made His law to be everywhere. In order to be loving and kind to our brother and sister, we need to love God first. God’s law is a good gift from a good God. It’s a reminder that none of us are perfect and we need God to help us.

Jesus came to fulfill the Law by dying for us. This way we can live life by God’s design and bring God glory, which is the reason He created us. God’s spirit is making each one of us more like His son Jesus, our Savior. God wants Jesus’ life to be reflected in our lives. This will bring others to Jesus Christ and His salvation.