Sabbath 5/30/15 Daytona Beach SDB Church Pastor Wray Sermon “ The Landmine of Compromise”

Sabbath 5/30/15 Daytona Beach SDB Church Pastor Wray Sermon “ The Landmine of Compromise” I Kings 9:1-9

Everyone has principles to live by but the question is which principles are negotiable. Whenever Christians compromise their Godly principles, they walk dangerously close to a landmine. Solomon was warned by God for his alliances with Egypt. He bypassed the Lord’s instructions and bought the horses he wanted. Eventually he married the daughter of the king of Egypt. Then Solomon took more idol worshipping wives and they turned him away from God. As a result, the nation of Israel was torn apart. Satan’s attacks are usually little ones and the deceptive practice of compromise is dangerous to the believer.
There are several principles that we will look at:

1) All Compromise with the Truth is Wrong:
Solomon went against God’s instructions for leading Israel. God told him to obey him. Instead Solomon chose to disobey God and this ruined Israel.

2) Taking One Step…the first step in the wrong direction:
This will lead to destruction. The enemy will lie and say a little bit won’t hurt. Actually, every time we take a step across the line, it is like taking Rat Poison and its deadly!

3) The Nature of Compromise:
Don’t yield to the tempter. He is a liar! Compromise is concessions, compromising with what we know is right. Compromise is usually not a great act of disobedience. It is a little one. Every little compromise weakens your conscience. Conceding in any area opens you up to giving in, in that area.

4) Consequences of Compromises:
When we lower our standards, we weaken our character. It corrupts our thinking and every aspect of our life will be tainted. One lie will lead to another and it gets easier to lie. We cease to think in terms of right and wrong. Right now our society has a big blur in regards to what is right and wrong!

5) Compromise Makes a Distance Between Ourselves and the Lord:
We are out of touch with his word and with the Lord. We ought to avoid compromise! Make God’s Word our standard! Never compromise your doctrine!

To Avoid Compromises:
A. Begin every day on your knees to God in prayer.
B. Obey the initial promptings of the Holy Spirit.
C. Non-Compromisers have strong convictions about the Bible. They have faith in God and remain steadfast, secure in their relationship with the Lord. They want the approval of God more than the approval of other folk.
As followers of Jesus Christ, we will be called to stand for the word, stand for peace. God wants Christians to refuse to compromise and to claim Jesus! They will get victory in their life thru Jesus Christ our Lord! We should Obey the Voice of God Only!!!!