Sabbath 6/10/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith M. sermon “Faith That Pleases God”

Sabbath 6/10/17 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith M. sermon “Faith That Pleases God” Hebrews 11:1-6

Everyone has faith. Faith is in our lives and it is part of our everyday living. We get prescriptions from doctors and take the medication. That’s faith. When we get on an airplane to fly somewhere, we have faith in the pilot. When we mail a letter, we have faith in the post office. Buddhist people have faith in Buddha and so do the other “religions”. Everyone lives by faith in various ways. Our scripture says “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen”. Faith means we keep our eyes on the God that controls everything and every issue and NOT keep our eyes on the issues.

a. Faith is Not blind faith:

If we see a building, we know there was a building designer. So when we look at the earth and all the things in it, we know there was a Creator. God. Christian faith is supported by biblical fact, testimonies, eye witnesses and the Word of God. Studying the Bible will give you faith and wisdom.

b. Faith does Not make God give us everything we want:

Biblical faith doesn’t believe that God will do what we say but it believes that God will do what He said. His Will.

c. Faith is Not the keeping of Christian rules and regulations:

Faith is not a neat little set of rules. Faith is a personal relationship with a personal God. Walking in faith is walking with God.

**Faith that is Pleasing to God**

1) Faith causes us to worship God.

We will be obedient to God and have honest worship. We should be drawn to worship God with all our heart and soul. Enoch was taken away by God because he pleased God. He walked so close to God that he pleased God and God took him home.

2) Faith is to be walking with God.

We should walk with God daily in everything and this pleases God. Noah and his sons took 100 years to build the Ark and they walked with God. Faith let them be able to see things that others could not see.

3) Faith is to wait on God.

Abraham waited on God for his son and waited on God for the Promised Land. Our faith may require us to wait. When we have prayed all that we can pray, the greatest part of our belief in God is that we wait in faith on God. With Faith we look forward to the coming Messiah. With Faith we wait on Jesus to come back.

All of these elements of Faith is what pleases God.