Sabbath 6/4/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “And All God’s Children Said Amen”.

Sabbath 6/4/16 Seventh Day Baptist Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “And All God’s Children Said Amen”. I Cor. 9:16-23, Mark 1:29-39

Many of us are too busy to stop, relax and be still before the Lord. Most of us feel we need to be active every minute of the day. We confuse busy with being productive. Jesus too was busy with life but in the midst of this busyness, He found time to find a quiet time to be alone with His Father. Many of us are too busy to have prayer time. We think that prayer is too quiet, too silent and not busy enough. Prayer to God is lacking in many people’s lives today.

Technology came through with the invention of the washing machine and did away with the weekly “wash” day. Technology came through with the computer and this too gave us more time to do other things. This free time we got from technology, we didn’t use it to have quiet time with God. Something in people compel them to fill every moment with noise and busyness. It’s as if our fleshly selves are afraid of time to be quiet and be still before God. The scripture commands all believers “To be still and know that I Am God”. Being still is commanded by God.

Jesus was very busy in the Gospel of Mark. Mark gives the impression that everyone was in a hurry and very busy. The word “immediately” is used many times to show that things were busy. Jesus made it a priority to be in prayer with God. Jesus got up early in the morning and went to a quiet, solitary place to pray to God. He had reflection, meditation and prayer to the Father. We ourselves must make time to have quiet time with the Lord. We must learn to slow down, spend time with the Lord God Almighty and be still.

We need to take charge of our lives by slowing down, being quiet and having quiet time. Turn off the radio, television and have quiet time. We need to stop the noise and busyness. We need to just be still and be quiet before God. Be spiritual and be quiet before the Lord. God said “Be still and know that I AM God”. Jesus made it a PRIORITY to spend time in prayer with God. Prayer time was a priority with Jesus and it needs to be a priority with us. We need to take time and be in communion with our Lord. It is His will for our lives to be still. This principle is so important that God made the fourth commandment, to have the Sabbath Day. The seventh day of the week-Saturday-is the Sabbath, the day of holiness and rest. This is the only day that was hallowed and sanctified by the Lord God.

We must learn that prayer is not giving God a list of things that we want Him to do. Prayer is a time of relationship with God, listening to Him and learning what He wants us to do. Prayer is a time we can commune with God and be in His presence to thank Him for things. Prayer is a tine to be still with God and just be in God’s presence. We will find God in the quiet moments of our lives and rarely in the midst of noise. Being still is also good for our relationships with other people.

** Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

** Psalm 37:7 Be still before God and wait for Him.

Prayer leads to action. The word “Amen” doesn’t mean we are saying goodbye or ending the conversation like hanging up the phone. “Amen” does not mean we are disconnecting from God. “Amen” means so be it. The scriptures say pray without ceasing. Prayer should be an attitude of our mind. We should have a constant attitude of prayer. “Amen” is an affirmation for us to do something. “Amen” should be seen as a signal for us to do action. Action!! It is time to do something. When we say “Amen”, God is calling us to action. Praying for the sick and poor is good but we should be asking the Lord to use us as an instrument to help them. We need to go to that solitary place to pray, be with God and then let our “Amen” prepare us for action, to do our duty. God has not called us to idleness! God had not called us to idleness but to be instruments of God’s love. Through our actions, others can come to know the Lord and be saved in Jesus’ Name.