Sabbath 7/29/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater Pastor John sermon “Bible Snapshots of the Church”

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 7/29/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater Pastor John sermon “Bible Snapshots of the Church” I Cor. 12:27-27

As we think about the church, we need to know what the Church is. Some say it’s a building, some say it’s the people meeting there. Some say we, the church, are one of “them” who try to take away the sinner’s fun. Jesus never imposed Himself on people. We are to live the Christian life that attracts people. The Church is seen as being something that tries to control people. In the Holy Scriptures, there are standards that are expected of Christians and members of the Church.

****Seven Snapshots of the Church****

  1. Church is God’s Field: We are planted in God’s field

  2. Church is Family of Believers: The family of God is what we are. We are to have a commitment to the family that is always growing.

  3. Church is the Army of God: We are the Lord’s Army and His soldiers. An Army defends. We are not to get entangled in worldly things. We can’t be soldiers and be entangled at the same time. We are to use the Sword - the Word of God.

  4. Church is the Sheep of His Pasture: We are a flock that follows our shepherd, Jesus Christ. All sorts of people are mingled together to become a flock. Jesus is our Good Shepherd. The Pastor of the local church is the shepherd of his congregation.

  5. Church is the Body of Christ: We all are different part of the body to be put together to form the whole body. We are individually different but brought together. The Joints make the different parts come together and connect. Joint connecting gives us motion, movement and actions. We need to not be disconnected but come together as one in the body of Christ.

  6. Church is a Building: It is building us up on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

  7. Church is the Bride of Christ: Right now we are just engaged but we are the Bride to Be of Jesus.