Sabbath 7/8/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “There’s Room at the Cross fo

Mar 2, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Sabbath 7/8/17 Seventh Day Baptist of Edgewater, FL Pastor John sermon “There’s Room at the Cross for You” I Corinthian 1:20-31, Luke 9:23-26

We are all being watched. We are humans and do fall short of doing right from time to time. It is easier for us to pick out the faults of others than to find our own faults. We, as Christians, are to be teachers of the Word of God to all around us.

Jesus said He goes away to prepare a place for us. He will come again and get us to take us there. “There” is our future home in Heaven. Today, right now, we are stuck down here but there is room at the Cross for us. The Cross represents the sacrifice Jesus made for us by dying, so we can have Eternal Life. There is room at the foot of the Cross for all of us.

Some wear a cross in the remembrance of Jesus. Some just wear a cross as jewelry and these that do that are just false advertising. We, Christians, have been advertising the Christian message a long time. But the media (TV, newspapers etc.) waits until a Christian person fails. Then this failure they point out and then say there’s nothing to Christianity.

At the Cross, no room reservations are needed. There is never going to be a “No Vacancy’ sign at the Cross. Having a room at the Cross is a privilege. There is no deposit or payment needed for our room at the Cross. We still need to live according to Jesus’s ways. The Cross always remains the Cross of Jesus Christ even though we have a room there. We need to treat our room at the Cross with respect and keep the rules of the management. We need to remember that having a room at the foot of the Cross is a privilege.

God loves us and does not want us to sin. This sin separates us from God. God loves us and sent Jesus to die to save us from our sin. Our own effort to reach God fell short. Jesus Christ is the ONLY solution and the ONLY way to reach God!! All we have to do is reach out, take the gift of Salvation- Jesus Christ and we get to God. We can trust God!! There is room at the Cross for each of us. Our actions show our Christian lifestyle, so we need to watch how we act because people are watching us. People are watching us. Jesus said for us to take up our Cross daily and follow Him.