Sabbath 8/16/14 Alfred Station Sdb Pastor Ken Sermon Template For Sabbath

Sabbath 8/16/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon Template For Sabbath Exodus 20:8-11

The Bible says we are a peculiar people. We get up on Saturday and come to church while other people go to church on “other” days. In Exodus chapter 20 there is a Covenant Document. A covenant document is what the conqueror of a nation writes out. This Covenant Document states the new rules to the nation’s people. In Exodus 20 God says what He expects of His people. The first three commandments are all about God and the last five commandments are all about humankind. The Fourth Commandment speaks of God AND speaks of humankind. The Fourth Commandment is a Transitional commandment.
Some people look at the scripture and do not know what to do. The things we must do are:
  1. Remember the Sabbath:
    We do not go to church on Saturday, but we do go to church on Sabbath. Sabbath starts on Friday evening. Sabbath Eve comes before Sabbath Morning. The days of the week are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sabbath.
  2. Keep the Sabbath Holy:
    God did this on Sabbath: He rested and blessed it and made/declared it Holy. Sabbath is separated for God. The Sabbath belongs to God and we are to keep it holy. Are the activities we do on Sabbath holy to the Lord? Does the activity guard the holiness of the Sabbath? This is what we must ask ourselves.
  1. Not Just Us:
    Our family, our employees and our visitors/guests in our house are to keep the Sabbath too. Everybody that is connected to us it to observe the Sabbath Day.
  1. We Are to Do Like God--He Rested, No Work:
    We are to rest just like God did. He did it and that is what we are supposed to do too. Most people are intelligent enough to figure out what work is. For each person work is different. Studying college homework may be work for someone but not for you. I cannot tell you or define work for you.
    Jesus did say that it was lawful to do good on the Sabbath. The question is, do we remember the Sabbath? Do we observe the Sabbath to worship God? This is the question we must ask ourselves. We are to remember the Sabbath of the Lord, to rest and keep it Holy.