Sabbath 8/6/16 Seventh Day Baptist of Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “Mine, Mine, Mine”

Sabbath 8/6/16 Seventh Day Baptist of Daytona Pastor Wray sermon “Mine, Mine, Mine” Luke 12:13-21

There is an old spiritual song…Jesus is mine. Mine when I’m weary, mine when I’m down…Jesus is mine! In a spiritual way Jesus is mine. God made this world and put us human beings on it. Jesus taught that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. We are stewards of all our possessions and responsible to God for all that we do with them. In Acts 5, Ananias and Sappheria’s sin was their false claim that they had gave so much concerning the property God had entitled them with. The sin was not that they owned the property but that they lied about it.

In our text, the man in the crowd thought that he could get Jesus to tell his brother that he was wrong and to give him his rights. Their father had died with no will and the elder brother held onto the property…the estate and inheritance. He didn’t divide it between the brothers. The younger brother was seeking justice and cried out to Jesus for help, to divide the property. In our time, the fight over estates have split up many families. Jesus is about healing broken families and not about busting them up or dividing them. Jesus wants us to know that true life is not available in material things. Jesus gives us a parable that tells us that God is the owner of everything and people are just the stewards. We have no right to hide our possessions, hoard them or pretend we don’t have them. Life does not consist in the abundance of possessions. We Christians are to share our riches and share what God gives to us.

In our text, the man in Jesus’s parable is rich. His issue is what to do with his surplus, his extra possessions and stuff. The man thought to himself that he would make bigger barns and store his extra stuff in them. Throughout humanity, it seems that the more riches people get, the further they withdraw from their neighbors. This rich man didn’t think that the riches he had belong to God. He did not think of filling the bellies of the poor with this extra food. This rich man had no compassion for the down trodden or poor. He acted like he had no responsibility to help the poor or oppressed. This passage shows how the justice of God gives everyone his due. Many people overestimate what is due to them and what is due to their neighbor. They think about how what they should have and what they should keep for themselves. They don’t think of sharing with the poor and needy.

Jesus wants us to have a new vision about our possessions. Humans have a fear of not having enough and that their stuff will run out. Jesus says that we should not have a “mine, mine, mine” mindset. My goods, My crops, My barns, My money, My everything and then let me relax, eat, drink and be merry. This rich man had no family or friends that he consulted with but instead he consulted with himself. He said he had the good life with being rich. He said he had the good life with eating, drinking, being merry and hoarding his riches for himself. The Bible says we should long for God. Our soul should long and thirst for God and not thirst or long for material possessions. Our soul should want to rest in God. It will only be truly satisfied with God.

God tells the rich man that he is a fool. He is a fool because that night he was going to die and all the riches he laid up for himself, would not go with him. Who will get the riches he laid up for himself? God says the good life the man thought he had for himself, was going to end because his life was not his anyway. His life was on loan to him from God. God lends all of us our lives and our souls. Life is not a right. Life is a gift on loan. Each day is a gift from God. The Bible says do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth where they will get eaten up by moths and rust or stolen by thieves. Instead, lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven where moths, rust or thieves can’t destroy. We should have a life that is thankful for each day that God has given us. We should have a life that bears good fruit in every good work. Be thankful to God for everything and know that all is well with our souls.

Be thankful to God for everything and know that all is well with our souls.

If we are thankful to God For everything then we would be saying hey thank you God this cancer or lupus is so awesome and God thanks for these too.

But now if we are Thankful In everything or joyful that's another thing all together.

Paul said he had learned to be content in any state or situation that he was in.

This means to be the same in all situation, trusting God and walking in love and dwelling in the joy of the Lord and in no way does it say to want to stay in that situation.

So to be thankful for everything is crazy but in everything being thankful is good!!