Sabbath 9/13/14 Alfred Station SDB Minister Don sermon Stewardship

Sabbath 9/13/14 Alfred Station SDB Minister Don sermon Stewardship Matthew 25:14-30

We should look at the master in this text. Our concern should be about our relationship with the Master, God. God is the owner. You are not him. Deut. 10:14. ALL belongs to God. God has never given ownership of His creation to people. He just gives it to us to use for a while. Abraham knew this when he asked God for his son Isaac. Then when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Abraham went to do it. He already knew that Isaac belonged to God.
We need to realize that we are only taking God’s possessions for a while. There is no U-Haul trailer behind a funeral hearse. We need to realize that ALL we have belongs to God. We should be asking God what He wants us to do with His possessions, not our possessions. Ask God what He wants us to do with His money, not our money. It is all His anyway.
  1. God is the Owner.
  1. God is in Control: Everything that happen on earth is allowed or done by God. Psalm 135:6. In the Old Testament, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. He then refused to sleep with Potiphar’s wife and goes to jail. He finally became a prince in Egypt and he saved his family in the end. God is not only the owner of all but He is in control! Joseph later told his brothers that God was in control and He was the one that had sent him to Egypt.
  1. God is a Provider: Jesus fed 5,000 people with a few loaves and a few fishes. God provided food, clothing and shelter for millions of Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years. We who have food and clothes should be content. I Timothy 6:8.
God’s part is to be the provider and our part is to be the steward of God’s things.
I Cor. 4:2. The word steward mean’s manager of God’s stuff. The last servant that hid the talent (money) had squandered what he was given. This servant lost his job because he was a bad steward with the master’s money. We need to be faithful in the little things. Faithfulness with a small thing is a Big thing. If we want to know how someone will take care of their car, look at how they take care of their bicycle as a child. Remember God is the provider, He is the owner and He is in control. Our responsibility is to be faithful with the resources God has given us, whether it is much or little. We need to be faithful with all that we have.