Sabbath 9/24/16 Seventh Day Baptist Church Pastor Wray sermon “Human Life is Valuable to God”

Sabbath 9/24/16 Seventh Day Baptist Church Pastor Wray sermon “Human Life is Valuable to God” Gen. 1:26-30, Gen. 2:7, Acts 17:26-29, Luke 12:7, Exodus 20:13

A true value of something is not the value that we place on it but it is God’s value that He places on it. The value God has for something is what’s important. In the Genesis passages, it is shows the value God has for humans. Today, we are confronted by abortion issues, physician assisted suicides and human cloning. The scriptures state how God vales life. It is up to us to decide if we go the world’s way of valuing life or go God’s way. We need to ask God to make us feel the way He feels about human life. We need to ask God to show us how to defend the weak, defenseless, elderly and unborn.

*Human Life is a Unique Creation:

In Genesis we are told how God created humanity after He had made the earth, waters, the sun, moon, stars and the animals. God saw that it was good, all good. After He created all this then He saved the best for last. God made humankind. With all else, He had just spoke “let there be“ and stuff was made. But with humanity, God made it in a different way. He said “let us make man”. God specially and specifically made humanity as the crowning act of His creation.

*God Said Lets Make Man in Our Image:

We humans are unique because we are made in God’s mage. We have spiritual qualities that are shared by God. God is a spirit and we people have a spirit. We have emotions, will and intellect. God also gave us dominion over the earth. Humanity is in God’s image, to be appointed over the rest of His creation. It is like when an artist creates an artwork. The last thing he does is put his signature on the painting. Mankind is like God’s signature because we were the last thing God put and did on His creation.

Humanity was made in the likeness of God because He knew that later He would be sending Jesus Christ. After God made humanity, He said it was VERY good. Humankind should never be thought of on the same level as God’s other creations. Humans are special because are created in God’s image.

*God Made Human Life Unique in the Way He Created Humanity:

God made Man and Woman to be fruitful and to multiply. God made man from dust and He made woman from man’s rib. God was more personal and more intimate in the way He created Adam and Eve. God literally formed Adam from the dust of the ground. He didn’t simply speak man into life. God breathed His breath of life into man’s mouth. Adam is the direct offspring of God when God breathed the breath of life into him.

It was after Adam named all the animals and none was found to be his mate that God put Adam to sleep. God took a rib from Adam and made Eve. Adam and Eve were made of one flesh. God places great value on human life, both male and female. Human life is wonderfully precious to God and is to always be held sacred and valuable. Human life is wonderfully Holy because it is so greatly valued by God. All members of humanity have the same dignity and value from God. We are ALL somebody because God has taken the time to develop us the way that He has. Human life is valuable to God!!