Safe At Home (c:

Look at where these birdies have found to live >

They use those big up-and-down cracks,
to get behind and then inside the letters,
where I would say they keep their nests
in there where birds of prey
can't get to them (c:

So, doesn't this inspire you with ideas of
where you could stay? (c:

Do you see the shining down
of those rainbow rays?
> of God's love and care for them >

showing how in this world
we can be in so-safe a place,
where the world can't reach us
and the world would never have thought of
staying where we are in safety . . .
while this world is so busy with
trying to be safe . . . but nowhere to hide!

while we can abide

in the secret place of His love,

and rest (c:

"And who is he who will harm you
if you become followers of what is good?"
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (1 Peter 3:13)